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03-24-2013, 04:05 AM
186311863218633so after i did my recent cooler master hafx build with the asus maximus v formula board and matrix gpus, i had a few left over parts from an old build sitting around. seeing them just sitting around broke my heart, lol. so i decided to throw the parts into a new build and i wanted a smallet case. made a trip to a local shop here in kuwait and found the coolermaster k380 case this thing is tiny compared to my hafx, and my area 51x58 predator 2.0 case. so the planning went into effect how much stuff can i cram into this little box, its by no means a mini but compared to the hafx its tiny lol. the orginal front fan on this thing was red, i wanted to go with green hence the little hulk idea. so i bought all new cooler master led fans with green leds to replace the red and the ordinary black ones in the case. its not an asus board but i thought i would share with my fellow roggers see what you guys think if this little build. final specs.

mobo: intel dx58so2
cpu: core i7 920 2.6 oc/ 3.6
cpu cooler: cooler master hyper t4 with two 120mm green led silent pro cooler master fans push pull
case: cooler master k380
ram: 12 gigs corsair vengeance ddr3 1600
gpu: duel saphire vapor-x 6870's in cross fire toxic bios 975 clock.
psu: silverstone stryder 80plus gold 850wat
creative sound blaster x-fi fatality champion sound card
lg multi dvd/cd player burner
window pro 64bit
hdd: kingston hyperx 120gig ssd boot drive, 1k seagate baracuda media drive.

for a small case i think i did a pretty good job of cable managment, but it was hard as hell to get that back panel trying to stuff all those cables back there lol....

03-24-2013, 05:20 AM
Looking cool. I like the title you chose for it. hehe

03-24-2013, 10:02 AM
thanks chino, had a buddy of mine give me an idea, he told me to take to and airbrush place have it painted with a hulk theam due to the green led's. might have an updated pic if i can find someone to airbrush it for me.