View Full Version : Having trouble with my G74SX

03-24-2013, 05:01 AM
I've had my laptop for about a year now. I just recently started having some issues with it that I've never had before.

1. I started playing Tera which requires a bit more power then my regular games. About a week into playing it I started getting the switching between AC and Battery bug. I've continued to use it, and now ordered a new charger from a website since it seems to be getting worse.

2. My laptop just recently (last 2 days) seems to be exerting massive amounts of heat after just a short time when I play but only from the right side. Not sure why since I've been doing the same stuff on there. Some parts on the back get very hot to touch. If I have my charger in for about half an hour I have to pull it out because it gets incredibly hot. I dropped it when I felt the metallic bit on the charger, it nearly burnt me.

3. Related to #1, whenever my PC is on battery mode it slows down quite noticeably and becomes sluggish.

4. Whenever I plug anything into the USB port next to my USB 3.0 port it completely kills the power and shuts down my laptop, after the second time doing it I took the hint and never put anything in there. (Problem I've had since day 1, in hindsight I should have sent it back but I was so psyched to get on my new laptop.)

Now, any answers people might have will be greatly appreciated. I would send it in for a service but I bought a refurbished one from a big seller on ebay, only had a 90 day warrenty and I'm not sure if I'm able to contact Asus with my problems.

One last question, is there any way to take the case off and clean my fans without having to go deep inside the actual computer? I looked at some guides and they all say I have to remove some of those wiring tape clips etc, not very good at mechanical stuff.

03-24-2013, 01:59 PM
1.) See if the new charger helps, if not post back.

2.) Check the vents for clogging and clean as required. Be sure to check the intakes under the screen as they can get very clogged very fast.

3.) Probably your power plan, check and change if needed.

4.) Agreed that you probably should have sent it back or at least troubleshot it way back when you first noticed it. But now, double check drivers and update/install as needed.

Last question..... not that I know of. Just take your time, make yourself a list/video while disassembling for reminders sake. Be careful, take the battery out, ground yourself and you should be o.k. Remember "fear" is your worst enemy on this, confidence in yourself will take you far.