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03-26-2013, 11:35 AM
just sold my G75VW BBK5 bought it last september bought it for 1250$ and sold it for 1375$ now i'm planning to buy G75VX but i saw some post that new gseries is coming? when? because im waiting for the g75vx to be on sale but also i want to have the next gseries. . .so what will i do now?buy or wait. but the advantage on vx is it has 3gb of graphics card. confused.

03-26-2013, 12:12 PM
My G75VW has a 3gb video card, so there is no need to wait for the next Gseries if that is all your looking to have in ya next laptop.

03-26-2013, 01:02 PM
Well unless you find a retailer who is not trying to jip people you wont find the VX on sale. When i was sent mine i checked the best buy price for the VW and VX and they were the same price so dont hold your breath and all it is going to get is a cpu refresh and unless your talking igp everyone's been pretty disappointed saying haswell was only a small gain. But the igp was nice "GT3" however the VX wont use that.

The advantage of 3gb of ram is when you start to turn up stuff like AA,MSAA, res or run games in 3D you take much more Vram up. Some games i can hit 2.5gigs of ram pretty easy. Other only about 1.5gigs unless i run it at a 4k res and even then the GTX 670mx just don't have the power to run that res and games with some high settings and maintain a good frame rate.

3Gigs is what i consider to be the min. for gaming.

In terms of gaming the VX is the best of the G series and was the biggest performance gain. Any revision will only see a small cpu gain that is worthless in games but would be good for encoding but most useres dont use their VX for encodeing so i cant tell anyone to hold off for it but if you can get it on sale if they are clearing out the old VX stock then i say go for it. But going off the VW and VX i dont see the discount coming but we can all hope.

Also the advantages is not the 3gb of ram its the fact its got 2x the graphic power of a GTX 660m and after you use the MX even at stock clocks it makes a heavily overclocked GTX 660m feel slow. And the MX can pull GTX 675MX numbers with ease and get close to the stock performance of a GTX 680m.