View Full Version : Can I update my nVidia drivers on my g75vx- rh71-ca?

03-27-2013, 03:22 AM
Can I update my nVidia drivers on my g75vx- rh71-ca? They are currently 306.14 and I see that 314.07 are the latest at nVidia site. Yet when I select update in the control panel it says none available... and Asus shows newer drivers (though not current) at download site yet Asus update says there are no new updates. What gives here?...

03-27-2013, 04:27 AM
Asus supplies there own drivers and the ones you have are current. If you search these forums you'll see how you can get the nvjdia drivers. I haven't done it but it can be done. Not sure if this voids your warranty like over clicking does though. Sorry I couldn't be more help but there are some recent posts here on the subject.

03-27-2013, 05:12 AM
if you see the NVIDIA website have release new driver, you can download for use, but asus can not guarantee it is no problem to use, but most of people download to use and share in here for experience, BTW all asus release driver put at asus support site.

03-27-2013, 04:14 PM
Thanks for your replies...