View Full Version : USB Boot? - bios in Asus Laptop n82jq

07-26-2011, 06:46 PM
Hi RoG forums,
I'm trying to get a version of linux to boot from usb on my Asus n82jq laptop.
Specifically I put ubuntu on a usb drive using unetboot. I have also tried puppyLinux But anyway, the problem is in the bios.

When I enter setup after the laptop powers on, I have two default boot options, the DVD drive and the HDD. I have the manual for it, and it has one page about usb boot in the bios, but doesnt say anything about changing boot options.

The Bios screen, when I select "Add New Boot Option", gives me three fields to fill out:
Add Option: This is a title of the option. example, P1: DVD-drive (and a bunch of numbers)
Choose option: 'USB FlashPMAP' is an option, so i believe this indicates built - in bios support for the USB Boot.
Designate path: says "designate path in the format: '\path\filename.efi' <----- I don't know what this means

I have tried specifying several different paths, but neither Ubuntu nor PuppyLinux nor any other distro I have tried has an EFI file on the USB stick after I use unetboot to put it on a USB drive from an ISO image.
Is there a work around? Can I only boot OS's that have EFI files? Is there a way to make an EFI file for an existing distribution?

Thanks for your time.