View Full Version : How to downclock memory lower than 5800mhz on Matrix Platinum 7970?

04-06-2013, 06:09 PM
Id like to lower my memory timings to 2000mhz in 3D mode, but the lowest the slider goes is 5800mhz - is this possible with Matrix Platinum 7970?

I'm running an app that requires 100% GPU and very little memory speed - so when i run it the GPU is running at 1220mhz which forces the card to run in "3D" mode and bumps the memory speed up to 6500mhz...im able to lower to 5800mhz..but not lower (to 2000mhz)

Using Afterburner or CCC sliders lets me go down to 2000mhz but the monitors show it go back up to 6500mhz.

Is this possible with GPU Tweak? Currently using