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04-11-2013, 07:14 PM
Hi there,

In my G46 I have the Asus driver ( installed from their website ) for nVidia :

The nVidia web site recommends I install this version on the G46:
GeForce 314.22 Driver
Version: 314.22 WHQL
Release Date: 25.3.2013

I wonder if you could tell me which one is recommended for the G46?

( I have disabled the nVidia updates from M$ Windows update ;) ).

Regards, G

Matrix Leader
04-11-2013, 08:10 PM
Always install the dirvers from ASUS only as they are tested to work with your specific notebook / chipset properly

let me give you an example. On windows 8, if I install the latest driver from nVIDIA my CUDA won't work properly and I came to know this while playing videos in MPC-HC using the LAV Video Decoder / Cuda settings..

But when I installed the latest nVIDIA driver for my laptop from ASUS it worked like a charm.

so save yourself the trouble and stick to ASUS drivers for everything

04-12-2013, 02:25 AM
please visit asus support site to download all drivers and utilities, because it is test ok then release to use.
like vga driver: http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/G46VW/#support_Download_29_VGAnVidiaWin864Z918130614

04-12-2013, 01:22 PM
Asus always seems pretty far behind getti fs drivers out for video cards :(

04-13-2013, 04:50 PM
Asus always seems pretty far behind getti fs drivers out for video cards :(

Exactly. One of the big advantages to go with Nvidia, is there excellent native driver support. ASUS for some reason chooses to mess with generic hardware too much, often leaving you with incompatibility issues into the future. Nvidia generally releases bug fixes much quicker than integrators, and supports their products much longer. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get new nvidia drivers for the 660m long after Asus decides to no longer support the G46.

It is important to factor the "proprietary" nature of a brand when you purchase. Asus scores poorly on this, their notebooks tend to be much more closed than the competition, the video interface is non standard so you can't swap notebook graphic cards easily, and so on.

The quick answer is just use the Asus drivers, but, realize they are usually outdated. The long answer is push Asus to either deliver their propreitary solutions faster or be more standardized.