View Full Version : G73JH-A1 Windows 8 Issues.......

04-12-2013, 04:42 PM
Ill put this verry simple.

1- Windows 7 work perfectly.

2- I did complete FULL install (not upgrade)
3- Latest Vbios / bios and driver from Asus web site (except AMD catalyst driver latest beta 13.3)

4- Windows 8 hard freeze at random interval if the LAN card is enabled. (this happens with whatever driver even win 7 driver on win 8)

5- *probably a AMD issue* The computer will randomly not wake from sleep.

6- The only modification to the laptop is a Intel SSD-X25-M 120gb.

SO this is a specific issue with windows 8 that either required a special driver ( i doudbt it) a KB update for windows ar a BIOS for this computer.

Please respond.

* Do not ask to reinstall like every ask in the others threads. It has been done several time to pin point the problems I posted.

ASUS : I think this laptop need a BIOS update (newer than 213) but since this world is driven by $$ I dont expect anything... anyway finger crossed.