View Full Version : G75vx-t4153h questions

04-20-2013, 01:16 AM

I've got 2 questions:

I bought my g75vx-t4153h from Msy in Auburn, Sydney. But it only comes with the laptop box, not packed in a brown box. I've seen that some unboxing videos on the internet have a bag and mouse in the G75VW models, so I'm not sure if they just stopped shipping them or my retailer just kept the bag and mouse. Incidentally, there was a delivery sticker on the laptop box so I'm guessing it was shipped that way to the store. So can anyone confirm if we get it for this particular model?

Next question, when I play videos on the laptop they play fine. But when I connect an external monitor either by HDMI or VGA, I see that the playing video doesn't line up on the laptop display - there's a horizontal cut somewhere on the video. I'm currently setting the monitors to duplicate the display. So it's odd that the external monitors play the video fine but the laptop display has a cut in the video. Has anyone else experienced this?