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08-01-2011, 01:50 AM
I have a feeling that users that have updated the vbios on the G73JH without reformating may have problems since there was incompatible software (Catalyst 10.1) that came preinstalled with the system, even if the newest Catalyst drivers are installed. Also this removes bloatware from the sytem. I think a proper reformat will fix issues. Also if you are going to install the OD2 vbios to overclock your GPU and use ATI Overdrive install Vbios before reformat. You can also overclock your CPU with SetFSB.

This is a post with every possible solution to enable a high performance notebook with a clean install reformat.

<b><font color=red>1.)</font></b> If you don't need to use the battery, while the notebook is powered down, remove the battery and run on ac only. This will improve performance.

<b><font color=red>2.)</font></b> Insert Windows 7 DVD and boot from it. Delete old partitions. Create new. Format the partition. Then install.

<b><font color=red>3.)</font></b> After Windows 7 is done installing, type in UAC in search, turn it all the way down, click ok. Install the INF update utility from Intel. Reboot is required after install.

<b><font color=red>4.)</font></b> After reboot then Install SP1 standalone from Microsoft. Reboot after it is installed.

<b><font color=red>5.)</font></b> Right click where the clock is, then go to properties, then turn the action center icon off.

<b><font color=red>6.)</font></b> Go to Action Center in Control Panel, go to Change Action Center settings on left hand side, uncheck everything, click ok, then go back. Click the arrow on the maintenance tab and go to settings and check never check for solutions.

<b><font color=red>7.)</font></b> Install Internet Explorer 9 from within Windows Update and only that update or standalone install. You will be asked to reboot.

<b><font color=red>8.)</font></b> Use Windows Update and install Recommended updates. Reboot

<b><font color=red>9.)</font></b> Use Windows Update again and install rest of recommened updates. Reboot.

<b><font color=red>10.)</font></b> Use Windows update once again and install optional updates except the atk drivers, network driver, and Intel management engine components and MS AHCI driver unless you choose to use the MS AHCI driver. Reboot

<b><font color=red>11.)</font></b> Install Intel Management engine components through Windows Update.

<b><font color=red>12.)</font></b> Now that the Windows Updates have finished if there are none left, you can choose to install either the MS AHCI driver (the one that's in windows update) or the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver from Intel, or the older Intel Rapid Storage Technology 10.​1.​0.​1008 from Intel. Reboot after install. If you install or, there will be a required second reboot, wait a bit until a pop up screen comes up.

<b><font color=red>13.)</font></b> Using your Asus Driver and Application Disc for G73JH, run the setup application. Uncheck the box at the top of the setup program which will uncheck all boxes. Check the box at Intel Turboboost Technology Monitor. You will be required to reboot after.

<b><font color=red>14.)</font></b> Install Catalyst 11.10 for Windows 7 X64 from Amd.

<b><font color=red>15.)</font></b> Install ATK package 1.0.00014 Reboot will be required.

<b><font color=red>16.)</font></b> Install Realtek High Definition audio driver 2.66 for Windows 7 X64 at Realtek. Reboot will be required.

<b><font color=red>17.)</font></b> Install Realtek HDMI driver 2.64 for Windows 7 X64 from Realtek. Reboot will be required.

<b><font color=red>18.)</font></b> I don't use the Creative packages so that there is not an extra process running in the backround draining system resources. I find that using just the Realtek drivers the sound is just fine.

<b><font color=red>19.)</font></b> If you are using the touchpad for a mouse (I have mine disabled in Bios since I use a mouse) then install the Synaptics 15.2.20 driver for Windows 7 X64 from Synaptics. Reboot will be required.

<b><font color=red>20.)</font></b> For the network card use the Atheros driver from wikidrivers.com since Atheros took their driver webpage down.

<b><font color=red>21.)</font></b> You may have an Intel 6250 or an Atheros Wifi. Install proper drivers according to which wifi card you have, before reformat look in device manager and determine which wireless card you have.

For the Intel 6250 card Install Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 7 64-Bit Reboot after. After that install Intel PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility for Windows 7 64-bit 6.5. Reboot after.

If you have the Atheros AR5B95/AR9285 card then install the driver. Reboot after.

<b><font color=red>22.)</font></b> If you need it and/or you use the turbo button Install Power4Gear Hybrid v1.1.37. Reboot will be required. After install you can set which power option you want.

<b><font color=red>23.)</font></b> Install DirectX Redist Package June 2010 from Microsoft. Reboot afterwards.

<b><font color=red>24.)</font></b> After reboot go to Programs and Features in Control Panel. Click Turn Windows Features on or off on the left hand side. Uncheck Windows Search, Tablet PC Components, and Windows Gadget Platform if you do not need to use Windows Search or gadgets. Your performance will improve. Reboot will be required.

<b><font color=red>25.)</font></b> Open Catalyst Control Center go to preferences, uncheck Enable System Tray menu also check advanced view. Go to Power on the left hand side, click Powerplay and uncheck Enable Powerplay.

<b><font color=red>26.)</font></b> Go to Control Panel, then Administrative tools, then System Configuration and uncheck everything except the ATK drivers, click ok, then go to exit without restart.

<b><font color=red>27.)</font></b> In Control Panel go to Windows Defender, uncheck everything and uncheck use this program to turn it off. It is recommended by games such as World of Warcraft to turn this off to improve performance, so it can only improve performance in all games or programs.

<b><font color=red>28.)</font></b> Go to blackviper.com, go to Guides, Service Configurations, click Continue Reading on the Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations post. Your going to want to disable the selected settings under the Tweaked setting which is in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Also disable Windows Defender. If you are using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver disable Intel Rapid Storage Technology if you are not using RAID. I personally am not using WIFI so I turn off WLAN Autoconfig as well as all of the Intel ProSet Services and only turn them on again by chance I happen to use Wifi sometime.

<b><font color=red>29.)</font></b> Disable Windows 7 Core Parking by going to Accessories, Command Prompt, type in regedit then press enter. Go to Edit, Find then past this key 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 Go to Valuemax, right click on it, go to modify, then change value to 0 then click ok. Go to Edit, Find Next, then again go to Valuemax and change the value to 0, repeat this process with Find Next until there are no more to change.

<b><font color=red>30.)</font></b> Right Click Computer, go to Properties, go to Advanced System Settings, go to the System Protection tab, click your on your hard drive, go to configure, slide the disk space usage all the way down to 0, click turn off system protection. Click Ok, then go to the Remote tab, uncheck Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this computer. Click ok.

<b><font color=red>31.)</font></b> Activate Windows 7 by right clicking on computer, go to properties, and scroll down to the Activate Windows 7 highlighted link.

<b><font color=red>32.)</font></b> Power off machine. Power on. Done.

I also run no antivirus as I will not open an exe file that is not trusted, and because I want as much performance as I can get from the G73JH.

01-26-2012, 07:30 PM
Hi Blade,

Thx for your post. Just regarding: could you please include the links to the drivers that have you listed? There are a lot of missing links on the majority of the threads :(

thx anyway