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04-25-2013, 12:47 AM
Catalyst 13.5 Beta 2, available for download!

This might be in the wrong section, fell free to move it if that's the case. My thought was, must test these in benchmarks! :)

NOTE! You must un-install AMD Catalyst 13.4 (if you have already installed AMD Catalyst 13.4) before installing AMD Catalyst 13.5 Beta

Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 13.5 Beta Driver for Windows®

Performance gains seen on the entire AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series for the following:
Far Cry 3: Improves performance up to 4% with Anti-Aliasing enabled
Shogun II: Improves performance up to 20% with 8x Anti-Aliasing enabled
Tomb Raider: Improves performance up to 6%
Bioshock: Improves performance up to 6%
Borderlands 2: Improves performance up to 17%
Corruption is no longer seen on the AMD Radeon HD 7790 when TressFX is enabled in Tomb Raider



Arne Saknussemm
04-27-2013, 07:31 AM
My thought was, must test these in benchmarks! :)

Good thinking! and nice one for posting....there is always someone gets the heads up this way :D