View Full Version : Backlit Keyboard Illumination Non-functional?

04-26-2013, 02:31 PM
G74Sx laptop with backlit keyboard, running Windows 8, 12Gb Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560m 3Gb dedicated memory. This
is the laptop I bought one year ago, and everything worked and worked well. When Win8 became available I bought an
upgrade edition and installed it, being careful to go online and download new drivers for everything, (hardware & software), and
had a few problems with a couple of games, but the computer ran, (and still runs) like a speedster on pure adrenaline. I didn't
even notice the fact the keyboard no longer lit, and nothing I've done since has gotten it working again. Wouldn't be a problem
but the PDF guide doesn't even mention the F3 & F4 keys to increase/decrease brightness of keyboard. Is this simply a
compatibility issue between the laptop and Win8 or is there something I totally missed when installing the new Windows OS?

I actually need the keys to be lit since, over the past three months my vision has been deteriorating and I'm writing a novel on
the laptop for internet publication on a website I have yet to construct and advertise. I really need the lighting option to work -
oh, :(, the cool power mode selector-immediately to the left of the On/Off button, no longer works. Again, this is only
since I installed Win8 OS. As I leave the power set to a refined power plan this is not a bit deal, but it would be nice to have the
most expensive laptop I've ever owned, and most likely will ever own, fully function, if anyone has an idea on either problem, it
would be greatly appreciated, each and every day, once the keyboard back-lighting and power selection button are once again

Since I've already written a tome I have one other question...does anyone know how to completely clean the dust and dog hair
out of the same laptop? I've use a computer vacuum, but it can't get in there and really get the crap out of it. I'm afraid the laptop
may develop over-heating problems that will cause a real and very upsetting melt-down.

Thank you Asus for the space to post problems & solutions. I thank any & all who consider my situation and offer some degree
of help. May whatever god you pray to, hear your voice and fulfill your prayers. Thanks everyone!