View Full Version : VariDrive / Zenbook

05-05-2013, 03:59 PM
hi folks
wonder has anybody any experience with this drive/hub? I got one because it seemed exactly what i was looking for, but it seems like quite an immature or just bad product. So, I'm just wondering is my experience unique.

The main issue is that even when used in conjunction with a UX21 with an i7, it seems there is not quite enough power to do the jobs it should. The system begins to wobble like an elephant on a bike (to coin a phrase, although here, I am actually expecting this product to do its job well!)

When using an external VGA screen through the box, performance becomes very unstable and sluggish. Movements of the cursor become laggish, and unsteady, downright inaccurate pretty much all the time.

But just as serious an issue is that USB drives attached via the VariDrive can just randomly 'drop off' the system, and prove impossible to restore without plugging them directly into the laptop. The VariDrive itself also occasionally just disappears too.

All in all, is just not good enough to use, its performance is so erratic and unpredictable and inaccurate (with respect to the cursor/mouse). As is, i couldnt more strongly say it is a DON'T BUY!

I wonder has anybody had good experiences with it, or found ways to fix its shortcomings?


05-05-2013, 07:49 PM
Sounds like a bad Varidrive (never heard of it before now). For an external hub system, I recommend the Targus brand. I've seen people have really good luck with them. Keep in mind that USB video cards are really slow and tend to lag for anything but the most basic tasks.