View Full Version : G53SX memory problem

05-11-2013, 05:53 PM

I got a G53SX laptop with 4GB ram. Lately, I decided to upgrade my laptop's memory and I discovered that I have a single channel 4GB DDR3 ram and its frequency is 666.7. here the screenshot:



I tought that at least I got 2x2GB ram dual channel which will probably run faster than a single 4GB ram.

I have four questions:

1- Is the other g55sx configrations with 4gb ram are the same with me?

2- My ram Works at 666.7 not 1333. Is it normal? If yes is there a way to overclock it in a stable way?

3- If I manage to find an exactly same ram and install it will they run as 2x4GB dual ram?

4- If I decide to buy 2 brand new GB ram, can you please give me some advices? Which models will give a good performance and compatible with my asus g53SX?

Thank you!