View Full Version : New G75VX Defective or not? Please help.

05-15-2013, 04:50 AM
Okay, SO most of you guys might know me from few posts on my g74 RMA issues. so I bought myself a g75vx and called it a day.

the Asus model I have is a G75VX. bought it from Amazon and it's 2 weeks old.

It came with the screen borders ..popped out on each angle I was about to say a big F word lol but I just pushed them in and they snapped. (seems like manufacturing these laptop are quite unverified)
anyway I am not here to complain, so back to the topic.

CPU Fan seems to do a heavy Rhurmmmmmm Noise when it starts spinning. NOW this never occured before. this actually only happens when i keep my laptop flat angle (like putting on a table, general use other words) if I turn/tilt it side ways it stops and all you hear is the fan flow.

Now, I've done some research in terms of fan noises in general, this seems to occur when the fan wings (tip corners) are touching a specific angle of the surrounding plastic or fan case of the g75vx. what I don't understand is the fact that this didn't occur before? I don't recall smashing my laptop or giving it a shock but this is very irritating.

Now I don't wanna say that this laptop is out of luck but I prefer to keep this than getting a new one (by doing a giant long ass complain to amazon) which I don't want to seriously, heck even if I got a new unit. it will have other problems, maybe worse so I don't want to give it a shot.

So recapping the issue and found the problem:

CPU fan doing heavy Mmm noise on a normal angle position of the laptop usage. once tilted or giving it a rotation one side, it stops. when I mean The "Mmm" noise I actually mean as if it was a freaking microwave noise just less crazy noisy.

Edited: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?15325-Feedback-on-the-fan-situation-Asus-G75

found the link above. it seems this is common

so Question here is, is it fixable or I REALLY need to RMA this? and asking for a return or exchange with Amazon is quite out of date now. they usually don't exchange them if open box after 24hr (might be wrong)

Give me solutions if possible ! before I RMA this. I really do not wish to do so, so please let's work this out guys!

05-15-2013, 05:14 AM
you can send to service center to check about fan noise, if you think it is real problem, because you just bought 2 week.

05-15-2013, 05:27 AM
you can send to service center to check about fan noise, if you think it is real problem, because you just bought 2 week.

indeed it is an big issue. although what are my chances for them to exchange them for a new unit? because due to past experiences with the near facility of my area. once they replace a part. everything else becomes a problem.

05-15-2013, 05:27 AM
I don't recall smashing my laptop...

Hmmm..... Jodi Arias said "I don't recall killing my boyfriend..."

If the noise really bothers you (and it apparently does enough for you to post about it), give Amazon a call and see if they'll give you a complete refund or an exchange. In the USA, they offer a 30 day return period.

From your past experience, I'd recommend shooting for the refund.

Alternatively, make sure the fan filters are secure and aren't causing a vibration. Remove the filters, and if that resolves the noise problem, shim them for a tighter fit.