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05-22-2013, 05:24 PM
hi everyone,

i was told by the salesman who sold me the laptop that i actually have a msata port in my G75vx. would that be correct?
and if so, has anyone at all using the same laptop ever fitted in a msata ssd in? i'm weighing my options and i wouldn't mind installing a normal ssd in but its just the idea of saving weight as the laptop is already so heavy and i do bring it out quite a lot.

so while you ponder over that i also have a second dilemma i'm facing, which is the range of ssd's and msata's are just too many. it's rather hard to find a review or comparison of ssd's that are really up to date, and one which would be cost effective for speed and power comsumption. anybody who has any recommendations or by any chance actually follows the ssd market would be so kind to enlighten me would be very much appreciated :) i'm pretty much looking at 256gb ssd's only. don't want anything less. and power consumption is of a higher importance than performance as i will be running on battery quite a lot.

i'm quite proud of my purchase because so far my experience with the G75vx has been brilliant, and i might even dare say i got a set with a better than usual GPU. without OC i can run crysis 3, far cry 3, starcraft II on ultra settings and experience no lag whatsoever, tombraider is just playable on ultra on the other hand and it's such a shame the game wasn't optimised for nvidia. even paid SGD 1900 for it. i7-3630QM 16GB ram 670mx 750gb hdd. which is why i have room for this ssd upgrade in the first place:cool:

look forward from hearing from all of you :)

05-22-2013, 08:52 PM
well It seems that Samsung 840 Pro is the best of the bunch presently.

05-23-2013, 01:06 AM
1. from what i've learned, there is no mSATA slot in g75. only g55 and g46 have that.

2. in general, any decent ssd will fit your needs. recent releases of mainstream and enthusiasts ssd's are good enough. most of them have the characteristics that you want (good performance, lower power consumption).

my personal preferences are plextor m5s and samsung 840 (these are some recent releases. note that even if this normal 840 uses TLC, which many claimed it's slower, many users are happy with it in their daily usage). however, if you have more spares, i suggest samsung 840 pro, or plextor m5p extreme.

05-23-2013, 02:24 AM
the connect is same, i think it could be installing, but not guarante it is able to use.

05-23-2013, 03:50 AM
hi. welcome to rog. i'm from SG as well.
yes theoretically you can install a msata. but with a msata ssd to sata adapter / connector. this is a viable option if you own an existing msata ssd and dont feel like buying a new ssd. i said this as it sounds like you dont own a msata
different brands or make of ssd are not going to give you huge battery difference between them. they all consume low power as it is.
FYI i own a older generation 830. 840 or the pricier 840 pro is quite popular and i too recommended that.

05-23-2013, 06:19 PM
the connect is same, i think it could be installing, but not guarante it is able to use.man i am totally lost. what do you mean?

thanks guys for all the input. i was considering the plextor m5m if i was going to get a msata. but samsung 840 and its pro counterpart is rather pricey if i were to buy 256gb. i called asus and they said the G75 does have an msata. i may just go with buying a normal ssd to avoid the risky play though. can't find anything on the interweb about a msata on g75's. wish it was clearer though:confused:

EDIT: oh yes before i forget. i fit 9mm ssd's right? i mean yes i know about the conversion brackets, but the bay is built for 9mm?