View Full Version : Can you disable UEFI/GPT on G75 ?

05-22-2013, 10:35 PM
Can you disable UEFI/GPT on G75 ?
I have a few programs that won't work because of that.

05-23-2013, 01:07 AM
yes, indirectly. convert your drive to MBR, install BIOS version of OS.

05-23-2013, 01:47 AM
Yes the G75 will run on straight up BIOS MBR, you will have to convert your hard drives to MBR, Partitioning software will be required, you can convert from GPT to MBR but not back to GPT

05-23-2013, 02:30 PM
[QUOTE=Matrix Leader;263520]Yes you can, I always disable UEFI it causes many programs to not work and is useless and also you cannot backup using Acronis True Image if you have a GPT disk. Well you can backup using an addon for Acronis True Image but when you try to restore the image in the future it simply won't work

Instructions are in the first portion of this guide:

That's exactly what I am running into. Along with Rollback Rx

05-23-2013, 02:40 PM
hmm got to think..
I don't think I could disable that in the BIOS. (All greyed out or it was not even there) G75Vx model
I see a secure boot that I can change though.
Will I loose the fast boot as well when UEFI is disabled?

05-24-2013, 12:56 AM
ok, checked when I came home, but I cannot disable UEFI in my bios. unless it's called something else.

05-24-2013, 03:03 PM
@pka4916, you have a g75vx, not a vw. from what i've learned here, there is no bios option that allows you to change uefi boot in a vx.

additionally, recent versions of bios in g75vw removed the bios option to disable uefi manually.

for g55 owners, from day one we never had the option to do that (i.e. to disable uefi boot; it's the default boot option for a g55). so if i wanna run an OS in BIOS mode instead of UEFi, what i need to do is that i convert my drive to MBR, and that will trigger an installation of OS that runs in BIOS mode (or the better way is NOT to run installation in uefi mode).

for a vx, when you wanna do a fresh install in BIOS mode:
1. prepare a usb install stick (format it with NTFS format; then copy the installer contents into it);
2. goto bios, and disable fast boot and secure boot; then enable launch csm;
3. convert your drive to MBR (in disk management or using shift+f10 to bring up command prompt and use diskpart to do the job);