View Full Version : asus g73jh-a1 ati catalyst 13.4 brief setting please

05-24-2013, 05:39 AM
Hi all,
could you all or any one share your brief ATI catalyst settings 13.4 to me right from desktop and display to gaming.I want to get the best setting.

05-25-2013, 01:16 PM
You must have reflashed your vBIOS and your BIOS to be using the latest ATI drivers. If everything is functioning correctly, just use the standard settings and adjust according to your needs, depending on your games and how well they function. I have never reflashed my vBios so I am still using the old ATI drivers that Asus supplies. My Desktop has the latest (or somewhat recent) 13.1 ATI drivers. My usage doesn't require any changes to stock settings though.

05-25-2013, 04:38 PM
Sir, you got me wrong,there is no problem with my laptop and everything is upto date.I just wanted to know what indepth settings do all of you have.
I haven't seen ASUS G73JH LAPTOP OWNERS sharing or posting their latest ati catalyst settings.I think it would be helpful to some of us.

anyways i shall begin with my setting

under basic video color
use video player setting

under advance video color
color vibrance 40
flash tone correction 50
tick brighter whites
untick dynamic range
untick video gamma

under video quality
tick edge enhancement 10
tick de-noise 64
tick mosquito noice reduction 50
tick de blocking 50
tick enable dynamic contrast
tick automatic setting
tick puldown detection
video playback
tick enforce smooth video playback
untick apply current video quality settings to internet
video demo mode
untick unable demo mode

accelerated video conversion
tick enable conversion

under gaming performance

standard 3d setting

untick custom setting
i use optimal quality buhahahha....

under mipmapping
i use high quality

under anti aliasing
untick application setting
i use level 4x
filter box

anti aliasing method
i use super sampling

Anisotropic filtering
untick application setting
per pixel sample 16X

so guys is this ok or should i change something? your valued recommendation if possible :)