View Full Version : Orion Pro microphone dead after 3 months?

05-27-2013, 11:21 AM
I bought my Orion Pro headset little over 3 months ago to replace my old headset and now out of nowhere with no warnings the microphone on it long longer works at all, With or without the Spitfire pluged in on diffrent computers.

I have tryed to contact support to check about the 2 year warenty on it but the asus support website is compltly non responsive, the irish call centre is no longer takeing calls, the uk call centre dosen't have support for headsets and I'm left with this as my last option to try make noise and get some ROG admins to try respond and get some support for once.

I have quite a few asus things and this is the first thing that broke and unfornately the first time i had to try expeance their support, If anyone has anything that could help it would greatly be apracted becuase the headset when it was working was a great addon but now its useless to me without a microphone.

Thanks for any help in advance