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06-07-2013, 07:05 AM
Hello Forum people,
I've been following the forums for a bit, while I've been considering the purchase of a g46vw. I take my computer to work with me everyday, but gaming is also my primary hobby, so the g46vw seems like a pretty good option. I'm considering ordering through Hidevolution.com and I just wanted some advice from some g46vw owners. Some of these questions have been asked before, but I never got a clear picture about what people thought. Please help me out by leaving a comment.

1. What do you think overall? Are you happy with your g46vw?
2. What about the screen? I've heard that the 1366x768 screen is kind of ugly. I want to upgrade, but I'm wondering if anyone has switched to the 1600x900 and is happy with it? I'm a bit concerned that I will want to game at 1366x768 for the fps gain, but then will everything look muddy? What's the consensus on the screen, considering I will be working and gaming with this machine.
3. I'm planning on getting an msata upgrade as a boot drive. I'm wondering if you think a 64gb boot drive is big enough for the OS and most of my most used programs, or should I spend a bit extra and get the 128 gb? I'll still have the hdd for files and whatnot.
4. My previous computer is dying, so I'd like to order now, but would you personally hold off for now? There are a lot of new machines being announced.

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.

06-09-2013, 03:59 AM
Hi Katter, I purchased mines off BestBuy but I'll still give you my opinion if you wish:

1. Extremely satisfied so much that I'd like to order another unit later this year (crazy I know, but upgrades aren't that big of a deal to me, just the investment of having another close by should some sort of disaster take place with the current unit). That and the unit should ship with Windows 8 Pro (comes with standard Windows 8 and you can upgrade, but I think that each you wipe/restore the system you need to upgrade again? someone verify/correct me here).

2. The screen suits my needs perfectly at the native resolution of 1366x768 for work, gaming and college. It can also be connected to a television or external monitor ( sometimes I like to game on the tv, but the included screen is great for gaming on the go/main gaming).

3. I'm not using the msata but rather I switched out the 750GB HDD and tossed in a 500GB SSD. I have not looked back or even missed the extra GB. The speed itself overall (bootup, programs, services) is so much faster and makes up for the lost space that it is a necessary upgrade. I cannot recommend doing so enough.

4. I'm not too sure about the upcoming ROG babies, but I too am hoping the processors get a refresh in the G46 series, but your priority is a dying laptop. I'd go ahead and pick one of these up (with the necessary upgrades to the storage at least (screen etc is up to you). Hope this helps. :)

06-09-2013, 03:33 PM
Thanks for your reply dclanz. So glad to hear that you like your g46, now I'm getting excited. Does anyone else have any more input on the upgraded screen?
I was planning on going with Hidevolution for the option to upgrade the screen, throw in an SSD and upgrade to windows 8 pro, all without having to do the upgrades myself. I wasn't quite sure how to re-install with the OS on an SSD.

06-09-2013, 08:47 PM
Well first, the 1366x768 is no problem at all, and I am very satisfied with mine... except for the processor and hard drive. I've swapped out the i5 for an i7, as well as putting in an msata, (as well as better ram), and you should know its quite a pain in the ass to put it in.