View Full Version : Proplem playing game in 3D

06-19-2013, 09:54 PM

I recently bought the G75VX.
I Updated the nvidia drivers version to
I managed to play tomb raider one time in 3D by playing around with the 3d settings in the nvidia configuration panel.
If I go to (in firefox) to https://www.3dvisionlive.com/ and watch some 3D content, I have no problem. I even don't have to push the 3d button next to the power button, it starts automaticly.
If I look at the options of the game I can't enable Stereoscopic 3d. (I'll try to add screenshots)
If I'm in the game and try to change the screen settings I can enable stereoscopic 3d but if I press save, he ask if I want to save the settings. I press YES but he doesn't save it.
If I select in the nvidia configuration panel the option 3D Vision Disover instead of ASUS 3D Vision Notebook, I can play the game in a sort of 3D (I guess you need a green/red glasses instead of the 3D Vision glasses because the screenplay is blurry red/green ) Because I managed to play the game 1 time correctly with the 3D vision glasses, I know it must be somthing to do with settings, but I don't know where to look anymore. 2156221563