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06-21-2013, 05:49 PM
I have been a faithful Windows user up until Windows Vista, as soon as the Longhorn beta was over, they called it Vista and make it craptacular I switched everything over to Apple hardware, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, etc..

Well now with the direction Apple is going, I'm back on a PC with an Android phone.

I just got the ASUS G75VX-DH72, Retail was $2000, I got it on sale for $1850, while it was in transit the price dropped to $1710, and when I picked it up I price matched an online price of $1600 plus the 10% of the 1700 to 1600 price difference, so in total I picked up this bad boy for around $1590 CAD plus they threw in a sleeve case even though it arrived bundled with the ASUS backpack and ASUS R.O.G Mouse.

I'm pretty thrilled to have taken this step back into the gaming world away from my Apple products, however, it isn't all at loss because I now have a pretty nifty mouse pad.

The only problems I faced with this laptop was the SDD and HDD arriving partitioned, what is with that anyways? I find it extremely useless, especially when using the Libraries to store all my files.

My girlfriends ASUS Q400 I bought her was like this too, the 750GB HDD was partitions into a ~200GB "OS" partition and a ~500GB "Data" partition. I tried to restore her ~300GB backup and it said there wasn't enough space so I had to unpartition to restore all of her files. Mine arrived the same way, they had the 256GB SDD partitioned into two 128GB OS and Data1 partitions, and the 500GB HDD was partitioned into two 250GB Data 2 and Data3, I don't understand the point of this, it just limited storage space.

I removed the partitions and everything is awesome now, the 9 second boot time is unbelievable! I love this laptop. Plus for the price, I can't find anything even close in performance or appearance.

06-21-2013, 05:58 PM
Welcome to ROG. ThankYou for your impressions. I could not agree more.
Anything, question you need or have .. please don't hesitate.
and Keep us 'posted'. Best of Luck.c.

Myk SilentShadow
06-21-2013, 06:06 PM
LMFAO!!! love the mousepad :p and as to your question, the reason the drives come paritioned, is so that if you need to do a factory restore, you don't need to go hunting for any install media...you just boot up and hit the F9 key to start restoration :)

06-21-2013, 06:18 PM
Great mouse pad lol! I just did a fresh install that way I wouldnt have all the stuff I'm never going to use the only original program I used from asus was the via driver for the audio and thats about it. Well have fun with your new toy it is a great piece of equipment.

06-21-2013, 06:24 PM
the reason the drives come paritioned, is so that if you need to do a factory restore, you don't need to go hunting for any install media.
That kind of makes sense but why would they partition the free space into two virtual drives? It throws me off a bit.
The SSD was partitioned into 5 partitions, a 300MB EFI, 900MB Recovery, OS, Data1, and a 20GB Recovery (I'm assuming this is the Windows 8 recovery), and the HDD was put into two partitions of free space, Data2, and Data3. So there were a total of 7 partitions on this when I got it, and a total of 4 virtual drives on Computer. I now have the SSD and HDD unpartitioned into the current 4 partitions for the SSD and one partition for the HDD.
In computer there is now the "OS" SSD where I am going to keep all of the install files and system files, and the HDD which is the full space now I can use for storage to keep pictures, videos, music, etc.
I just cant for the life of me figure out how to move the libraries to the HDD from the SDD.

Example, if I plug in my external with all of my backup files on it, open file explorer, snap them to each side so I can just drag and drop. I select all pictures, drag and drop to "Pictures" under Libraries and it saves to the SSD, how do I move that so I can just drag and drop so the Libraries shortcut is to the HDD.

I tried making a "Pictures" folder on the HDD, Right Clicking on the "Pictures" shotcut in Libraries, and going to Properties, from there I found that I cn select where the Libray location is, I removed the C: locations and made one location for D: however now when I click the libraries it shows a "Pictures" group rather then just showing the folder contents like it does when saved to C:

I feel I am getting close, however, if this may be easier, could I not just make a new library on D:? I don't have any files backed up yet because I just got this yesterday and I'm just sorting out my backup locations now. Could I not just delete the whole Libraries section and creat a new one on D:?

06-22-2013, 11:55 AM
Coming to this from an MBP myself. The ONLY thing that this machine it's good for, it's gaming. For all other uses in the day to day usage, i prefer the MBP over it without question.
The display sux, the keyboard it's squealing, the os already start making various small problems, the joints on the edges look like someone assembled this thing in the basement.