View Full Version : Seeking Advice for Broken G73

06-21-2013, 07:17 PM
I hope this isn't in the wrong place, just looking for some opinions.

Hi, I have a G73jh I purchased a few years back at Best Buy. It's been a great computer, but recently my graphics took a serious dip in quality. I finally looked at my event logs after my PC kept locking up during gameplay.

I ran into an error that keeps happening 1000's of times a minute.

WHEA-Logger Event ID 17

A corrected hardware error has occurred.

Component: PCI Express Root Port
Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

Bus Device Function: 0x0:0x3:0x0
Vendor ID Device ID: 0x8086:0xD138
Class Code: 0x30400
I have done some research, and none of the software updates / tips have helped. I did a fresh install of windows 8 to no avail...

I have resigned myself to the fact that my hardware is messed up.

my question to you guys is this... How much will it likely cost me to RMA this for a new MOBO / Video Card since I'm no longer under warranty, and would I be better off trying to find a replacement MOBO and doing the work my myself?

and help would be greatly appreciated.


06-24-2013, 05:28 AM
please send to service center to check it and get cost.