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06-22-2013, 05:25 AM
So just managed to finally get my hands on the Asus Gamer Republic G75VX and it is simply awesome! I managed to install 32GB of Ram for less than $200 and get another Hard-drive for it which was a 250Gb Samsung SSD.

Anyways, the real problem is using the 2nd HD bay for this laptop. The default bay which is located to the right side of laptop when the cover lid is off seems to be working fine. Normal 1TB HD is detected in the bios and everything boots normally when used. SSD installed in the default bay also functions perfectly. When I attempt to use the 2nd HD bay which is located on the left side of laptop, the bios doesn't even detect anything from it. Using and trying boot the SSD by its self in the 2nd bay, nothing is detected. 1TB HD is not detected in the 2nd bay either. Tested in all possible simple combinations and I am starting to conclude that the 2nd bay is not working properly or bios is the problem. Bios is updated up to date also which is 206.

Sometimes when I keep booting into the bios and then restarting the laptop and rebooting again, the "Sata" configuration menu will show "Serial ATA Port 1" (This must be the 2nd Bay)

and other times it won't even display "Serial ATA Port 1" but rather skip it or hide it. This makes me wonder also as no setting for the 2nd bay is locked. Everything is unlocked.

What bothers me to question is how can the 2nd Bay not function or be detected properly but the 1st default bay is perfectly fine? Don't the 2 bays use the same flex ribbon cable to the motherboard? At this time, I am out of choices and willing to call it a day. Please guide me if anyone knows possible solution :0

Pictures of the bios and the random appearing "Serial ATA Port 1" at random times.

http://i.imgur.com/whsifOn.jpg (http://imgur.com/whsifOn)

http://i.imgur.com/8SscFKA.jpg (http://imgur.com/8SscFKA)

06-24-2013, 06:21 AM
could you try install to second bay for one HDD, is it able to show? are you install two hdd and second hdd can not show in BIOS, check your hdd setting, and load default try again.