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06-25-2013, 02:34 AM
I bought the G75vx about two months ago and enjoying the laptop after I installed an SSD, Bluray rewriter, total 24 GB RAM. I have the option of exchanging it for a G750JW (from Best Buy) at no extra charge. Should I do It? I read that the GPU is 3% better and the CPU is 5-10% better.

My concerns:

1. The horizontal lines in black and gray images that some people are complaining about.

2. Are there anyone out there that has had experience with the vx and jw?

3. Is the touch pad good? I sometimes have trouble when playing FarCry3 and League of Legends where the touch pad is unresponsive for a split second and I get shot or sustain damage.

4. If I decide that I don't like the jw, it may be impossible to get another vw since Best Buy is not selling them anymore.

5. Are there other considerations I should take into account? Are there issues with the jw?

My deadline is Fri, June 28 because I will be traveling near a Best Buy store that has the jw in stock. Also, if I wait longer, I won't be able to exchange the vx for a jw. I know that there will always be better, faster, computers but being able to upgrade for free is very tempting.

Thanks for all your comments and opinions.

06-25-2013, 02:51 AM
Are we talking at a loss of the upgrades ??

The JH will be the big dog .. err .. ROG.
Found here: http://rog.asus.com/239892013/g-series-laptops/asus-introduces-the-republic-of-gamers-g750-laptop/
(http://rog.asus.com/239892013/g-series-laptops/asus-introduces-the-republic-of-gamers-g750-laptop/)The JW is the updated model over the VX however. It stands to reason that it would fair better.
Not much feedback yet though. Best of Luck.c.

07-02-2013, 02:32 PM
Thanks chrsplmr,

I ended up uninstalling the upgrades and traded my G75vx for the G750jw. I figured that I can get the latest i7 and Nvidia chips for the same price. I know tech keeps advancing so why not upgrade for free?!! I'm in the process of customizing it to my preference and adding the above upgrades. Luckily, I bought the 1.35V RAM and I can use it on this. So far, I like it: seems thinner, lighter, slight improvement over the last touch pad. I haven't played games yet though. Saw that BB had the jx available. Maybe I'll upgrade to that within the 60 days I have to eval this one. It is currently sold out on line, however.

07-02-2013, 07:29 PM
1. The horizontal lines problem can be solved by removing the "splended utility" which is Asus's whack at changing the hue of the display lol. It looks better without, and due to the fact that it conflicts with the current Nvidia drivers, it won't have the lines if uninstalled.

2. No, sorry. Upgraded from G51Jx :D

3. The touchpad works perfectly fine, and its nice and big, and buttons are great... swipe functions are cool too, but you really play FarCry ETC with a touchpad 0.0 that would drive me crazy!!

4. Not sure, after all the complaints from the best buy model (possibly cheaper display, cheaper and less RAM etc), I would just spring another 150 for a legit JW.

5. Just don't update your Audio drivers until Asus fixes the Waves problem lol... your internal speakers will sound good until you update, then they sound bad because the Waves audio processing/EQ is gone. ALSO, def spring for an SSD. Speed improvements for dayyss

07-03-2013, 10:13 PM
x70, thanks for the info. As stated I decided to upgrade. Setting it up now to my preferences.

1. Don't see the horizontal lines on everyday computing. I haven't tried gaming yet though since I'm still setting the G750 up.

2. Your impressions on your new rig vs the G51Jx

3. You're right, the touch pad is better. I haven't tried gaming yet. Yes, playing with a touch pad is driving me crazy. What do you use? I'll be installing games when I'm done setting up this baby!

4. I had to return to BB so I won't be out $1250, but so far so good.

5. Too late, I already updated the Audio driver because I was having problems with the sounds being cut off at the end (not sure if this makes sense). The update fixed my problem.