View Full Version : Asus G75V 3d Activation Problem

06-25-2013, 09:32 AM
Hello guys,i recently just bought a G75V and it came with 3d glass package.All drivers installed and i checked 3d testing which also 3d glasses worked.Green light appears near on 3D symbol and i can see 3d images perfectly.But later i opened a game for testing this,nothing happens.I checked my game if it is working good with 3d from the Nvidea list,it says it should work fine.I am pressing rapidly to rog button,nothing happens.I activated my glasses during the game,nothing happens either.Please someone help me.I am very depressed.My girlfriend has a G56,older version of this and games automatically started at 3d mode on her computer.What should i do? If i can see 3d images on testing screen this should means its not a hardware problem right? Maybe i am doing something wrong.

06-26-2013, 06:24 AM
please check set up stereoscopic 3D is enable in NVIDIA control pannel , alos check your monitor, IR, glasss are enable.