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06-25-2013, 01:00 PM
Hi. I live in Azerbaijan, and there not always have last models of G series of ASUS. I need to buy some notebook to use in gaming, and I come to ASUS G series. Here in my country I find G75VX model for price about 2400$ which the seller give me local 2 year guaranty, its good for me, because there is no official distributer of ASUS. And in online magazines I found G750JX model, for 2000$ , but here guaranty is 1 year, and i don't know , this guaranty will work here or not. What you suggest, to buy G75VX model, or buy online ? And what benefits i will get?

06-25-2013, 01:52 PM
No don't go for the G75VX

Buy the G750JX better specifications so you could have a better gaming experience and it's an brand new model.
I don't know why the G75VX cost more than the new model G750JX in my country it's the G750 cost 300 euro more than the G75VX

The Benefit’s is that you gain is an brand new model with a lot of new improved (I can give you better details if you want) and cheaper than the old model of 2400$

06-25-2013, 05:08 PM
New models = Bugs eveywhere... It's Asus, you cant expect more.
I would choose G75VX, if G75VX have some bugs i can't imagine how shi* is the new model.

06-25-2013, 07:34 PM
It looks like you'll be spending more for less if you purchase locally. If you buy online, who's to say shipping and or other charges won't work out to be the same. It comes down to what works best for you at the moment or later on; What do you want to spend, how patient can you be and how technically inclined you are.

If this were my choice I wouldn't even consider the warranty at all with my purchase. I have high standards that I expect someone else to follow if they are in possession of my belongings, since no one else will treat your things better than you, I chose to do my own "warranty" work when troubleshooting was required.

So what options do I have then, if I choose to avoid sending in for warranty work?

What I have noticed with most NB's is conditions. If purchased locally, internals parts that fail with a NB usually are present before the local return policy has ended. This makes it easier to replace the defective product with a new one since most policies are 2 weeks and up on electronics. When I purchase a NB, I undergo a series of tests and check everything under certain "conditions" so that I know it's working properly. This starts with a fresh clean slate of Windows and factory discs thrown out, updated drivers, stock BIOS and several games and programs installed while monitoring utilities are logging temps, loads, clocks, voltages.. etc. until the return policy has ended. I usually keep my system running most of the time and rarely shut it off or put it in sleep mode; On occasion, restarts. Various regedits and self awareness goes a long way in maintaining good system performance and OS stability. Some people find out things later on after the local return policy is up and some catch it before hand.

Online purchases just involve more time and possible shipping fees for returns until their return policy becomes the manufactuerers.

Attitudes. There are many people who are irresponsible and inexperienced with electronics that despite defective hardware and parts, warranties even exist. It's part of manufacturer tactics towards customers to entice their choice with them. Longer warranties and ease of it makes that one last resort option a godsend when all else fails. It's also part of a marketing strategy to give a customer that bit of a warm feeling knowing they are "covered" so that you purchase from them instead of the competitor who's warranty may be less in years (example.) Everything is this way right down to autos and miscellaneous merchandise. History of reliability cannot be compared to choice of realism and nature of imperfections.

So which would I choose out of the 2 you listed? The G750JX.

Benefits? The GPU really.

The 770m in terms of performance is similar to a mild overclocked 670mx on the VX. Gokica has had his 670mx overclocked to 1200 on the core meeting 7970m levels, however a 770m overclocked would yield even higher results than this.

What does this mean? The 770m model for the model price is more future proof than the VX model variant.

Since this is really about gaming delivery all while having something that looks sleek and while keeping price point in perspective when considering in purchasing a newer G series, it doesn't go without saying, it will have its share of quirks too.

06-27-2013, 05:14 AM
People, I really fear about buying online, because I know many persons here, they got crashed display when buying notebooks from online magazines, it is not problem, they got refund, but return policy not always helps. I have choice to go Dubai and buy from there. For now its very cheap to go here. But I don't know, are there official dealer of ASUS, which give me international 2 year guaranty for bought notebook ? And is there any web site to see local prices?

06-27-2013, 04:50 PM
Dreamonic said it well, I usually buy only "smaller" stuff online, but so far I never had bad luck with hardware. 750 is newer and all the models except the one with 760m are superior to vx. As for the bugs and crashes I had my vx for months now, and nothing, works like a charm. The only thing I did notice was an occasional WiFi bug, but I installed a newer driver and no problems since. I seriously don't have any doubts about quality of ASUS products. This is my second ASUS nb,and I had one of their's motherboards and two gpu's. Everything worked exceptionally good.

06-27-2013, 05:25 PM
People in the Western World are purchasing online with ease.

In Azerbaijan things could be complex. I am assuming that shipping in (and sometimes out) is related to customs taxes. One can not predict how much the government will ask for the damn thing when it gets to customs check or even whether it will get lost under suspicious circumstances where hardly anyone is held responsible (if sent by "regular airmail" and not express mail).

Shipping it out of the country in case of defect will be at least expensive if done properly by using express mail like DHL, UPS etc.

And yes, people do get damaged goods when shipped to their country, especially overseas. I do not know how it can happen but I know of few cases when laptops and even Iphones were delivered as damaged goods in Europe.

I agree that 750 is a better buy especially if we consider that its price is lower (maybe not if we take in consideration the shipping and taxes in the country if any) but still my personal preference would be buying a laptop from a local seller even if it will cost me 20% more. It might save me some trouble and stress.

But this is just me. If you are willing to take the risk go for the 750 because it is a better option. If not the VX will suffice although I am sure you already know that they are charging a lot more than what the laptop is worth.

06-27-2013, 07:03 PM
Well said.

06-28-2013, 09:05 AM
I have chance to go Dubai (it is best opinion for now) to buy what I want. But, I need to sure, that I will find there what I want and warranty on it. And of course if I go myself, there will be no taxes.

06-28-2013, 10:08 AM
I understand. Just make sure that you find a trustworthy seller and/or an international warranty because a friend of mine got burned with the warranty service from Dubai.

He bought the most expensive Nehalem MB/CPU combination for rendering several years back. The MB broke down few months after the purchase and he never managed to receive a proper replacement although the process involved shipping the MB/processor to Dubai and back on his expense.

I am not sure of the ASUS policy with the Dubai sellers so just make sure that the warranty is international and that in case of problems you can send your laptop anywhere for replacement/service and not just Dubai. Unless you or your friends travel frequently there so that you/they can take it in person if needed.

06-28-2013, 01:28 PM
The GPU chosen for the new model isnt that much faster. The VX as an advantage with more VRAM on the gpu for higher resolution games (3gb vs 2gb) and overclocks like mad. My VX runs +135core and +1000ram all day long running BF3 maxed out and smooth as butter.