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06-28-2013, 01:49 PM
Hey guys! I thought I'd post the build process of my current rig on here. I have already completed it, and, unfortunately, I don't have all that many pictures of it either. However, I will try my best.
First of all, I apologize in advance for the poor quality of my English and the pictures.

The idea was to create a fully watercooled AMD/RoG themed build in as small a case as possible. The initial component list:
Intel Core i5 3570K
Asus RoG Maximus V Gene
Kingston HyperX Beast 8GB 2400C11
AMD Radeon HD6990 :) (Later replaced with HD7970)
Seasonic M12II 750W (Later replaced with CM M2 620W)
2XSamsung 830 Series 64GB (RAID0) (Later replaced with Samsung 840 250&500GB)
Seagate ST3000DM001 3TB, 7200rpm
All to be stuffed into a BitFenix Shinobi

Water cooling:
Aqua Computer Cuplex Kryos 1155
EK FC6990 Acetal+Backplate
Black Ice GT Stealth 240 (I had that lying around)
XSPC(?) Pump-res combo (had that lying around as well)
5X Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition
5/16 red tubes and fittings (Later replaced with 3/8 clear tubes and fittings


The 360 rad will be put in the front of the case and the 240 in the top.
In order to do this, some cutting is required :cool:
Yes, I know the cuts aren't all that wonderful, but it was my first time with a dremel. And, by the way, this will all be covered by the front panel later on.

Right. Test fitting the hardware:

The top rad is, as you may have noticed, not placed in the center of the roof. It is pushed as far away from the motherboard as possible, because the case is a few mm too short to fit the rad completely above the MB. As you will see further on, it fits. Just.

Masking and painting the top rad, fittings and CPU block:
The red springs are for mounting the CPU block. They will barely be visible in the build, but I thought it was a nice touch :)

I decided I wanted to do something about the appearance of the GPU block:
A bit of red carbon fiber looks much better than the copper of the block. I also put some fresh Arctic Silver in there.

Well, on to the SSD's!

Right. About time I start doing some aesthetic work on the case. Time to wrap the front and top panels.

06-28-2013, 02:41 PM
Apparently, I can only attach 15 photos per post. So, on we go:

Wrapping the front panel:

And the top panel:

Next test fit. The top rad is now in and so are the painted fittings and Kryos block. The more observant among you may notice the red springs on the CPU block. You can also see that there really isn't all that much room between the fans on the top 240 rad and the HyperX Beast DIMMs. In fact, they are touching.

I wanted to make the inside of the case as clean as possible. Since I don't have the money for Corsair AX or similar power supplies, I made a cover for the PSU, HDD and all kinds of cables:
Yes, it is indeed a piece of plywood. But it's easy to cut and drill into, and it will be covered with carbon fibre vinyl anyway.

By now, the side panel on the MB side has been wrapped. The other side panel needed a window, of course. I specifically chose the non-window version of the Shinobi, so that I could cut my own window. Behold my high-tech solution to marking out and visual checks:
You can also see that the cover plate has been wrapped in carbon and the SSDs have been mounted on it.

Panel cut and wrapped:
The white stuff is some clear polycarbonate with the protective foil still on it. It will need some more cutting, but I will get to that.

I installed and filled the watercooling loop. Behold:

And with the side panel (without the plexi):

I know, this does not look very professional or nice. The tubes were rubbish (therefore the "anti-kink" tie-wrap on the tube from CPU to GPU) and the paint on the fittings was not great either. Also, I still had not received my Alchemy 2X8pin extensions. Something had to be done:cool:

Much better. Some black nickel 3/8 fittings and some Feser 10/13 tubing. Instead of destilled water, the loop is now filled with Feser One UV Red coolant.

Also, I got a friend of mine to put some LEDs in the front panel:
I still had the ROG casebadge lying around, so I thought I'd stick it on.

As I said I had already gotten my BitFenix Alchemy 24pin extension, but not my 2X8pin. Because the cables to the GPU and to the SSDs looked, erm, not exactly splendid, I decided to swap out the Seasonic PSU for a Cooler Master SilentPro M2 620W.
Also, CrossFire was driving me crazy. I am sure it is possible to get everything working, but I was sick of patching, fixing and troubleshooting. Luckily, I managed to get an HD7970 cheaply. Even better: It came with an EK FC7970 Acetal-Nickel :)
Unfortunately, it was not quite as wonderfully massive as de HD6990, but you can't have everything. Also, the 7970 did not have a backplate.

I had a custom backplate made by TripT Computer Customs. Only cost me 30 USD or so, so who cares.
And it's cool to have a custom laser cut GPU backplate. Still, it didn't look quite the way I wanted it to, so I made some changes.

Since I'm at my attachment limit again, I will continue in the next post.

06-28-2013, 04:18 PM
Right. So, I was going to make some changes to my GPU backplate. Well, here they are:

A bit of red carbon fibre behind it and it looks gorgeous :o
(I had removed the rear fan to get some access.

Then, I decided that I needed a gamedrive. Therefore, I swapped out the 2X64GB Samsung 830s for a 250GB and a 500GB (:cool:) Samsung 840 series:
(I have sold the 250GB already, looking for another 500 :))

I bought a 5m SMD LED strip on ebay for something like 4 dollars (lol) I also finished the windowed side panel (finally!)
The result:

I'll see if I can make some better pictures of the finished project soon. Stay tuned!

06-28-2013, 06:19 PM
nice nice!!!!!!!

06-28-2013, 08:09 PM
OutROG'nStanding .. somethin bout that black and red ... yum .. and this is just drip'n in it. Cudos.c.

06-28-2013, 08:33 PM
Thanks! My housemate has a Canon 5D, so I'll ask him to take some proper pictures soon!

06-28-2013, 08:48 PM
that is cool looking, fantastic