View Full Version : Experience with G72 GPU repasting?

07-09-2013, 07:43 PM
I've looked everywhere for a guide or a how-to for re-pasting the GPU heatsink on my G72GX and can't seem to find anything. Basically, my idle temps for the GPU are running about 70C which is a little bit ridiculous. Also, lately I'm getting momentary freeze-ups followed by a message that says "Display drivers have failed but have recovered" (or something to that extent, I can't remember exact wording). I think this is due to the overheating issues so I'm looking for a guide on reseating the heatsink with some AS5 that I have left over from when I reseated the CPU.

Has anyone here had experience with this? I only ask because the GPU/heatsink in the G72 laptops is awkwardly placed and difficult to get under.

Thanks in advance!