View Full Version : Confused... Does G46 actually has Thunderbolt?

Manuel Bossard
07-12-2013, 09:05 PM
I am shopping a laptop. I require thunderbolt because I need to plug my sound card in firewire (with adapter) to it.

I was about to go for G46VW for its mobility + power and thunderbolt. But as I was about to order I asked the sale person, just to make sure, if it's actually equipped with G46. He said no.

I check the spec on the asus website and it says optional? I don't understand, how can I get a G46VW with thunderbolt, who sell them! Everywhere I look on internet (amazon, HIDevolution, and so on..) it's always pretty confusing, usually says mini display port.

07-12-2013, 11:28 PM
You might find the G46VW with Thunderbolt in other countries (?), but it may not be available in the U.S. or Canada (I'm not aware of it at least).

I don't work in sales though, so you may want to check with more people or try the U.S./Canadian ASUS support page here (http://www.service.asus.com/#!consumer/csn9) to see if they have more information.

Also, you probably know, but when the ASUS website lists the G46VW thunderbolt as optional, it just means ASUS may or may not sell a G46VW version with thunderbolt in your region, but it's not something you add later, etc.

Thanks for your interest in ASUS products and hope this helps you find the answer.

Manuel Bossard
07-13-2013, 05:06 PM
Hey Albert,

Thank you for your help.

This is very strange, why US/Canada would not have access to thunderbolt version, while the others have?!

I am so disappointed!