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07-19-2013, 05:16 PM
Hi all,
I have expressed this (my) problem on other threads and on other forums and had no exact answer so decided to create a thread for my serious problem that started since R3xx.xx driver series. I have a Asus notebook with GTX 460M 1.5GB version. Since 3xx.xx drivers, i used the card with default settings in Nvidia Control Panel and never overclocked. It was running perfectly with no TDR. The things started to happen since a year ago, since i stated using 301.42 and some other 3xx.xx driver series.

Problem: When GPU is quite idle, (no gaming, no CAD/CAM or any 3D stuff), i started to get TDRs occasionaly especially if i quickly switch between windows such as paint/MS Word/Firefox etc...using Windows Aero (Win7 SP1 x64). I researced a bit and found some other users have the same problem and got a hint that lead me set "Power Managmenet" setting to "Maximum Performence" rather than the global default "adaptive", in NVCP. That hint was considered and really have fixed the unbalanced "adaptive" power management (clock/p-state) algorithm of Nvidia drivers. But that time, that "fix" normally made my GPU running at 3D clocks with the highest P-State, which results in extremely high idle temps, such as 66 celcius. If i use "adaptive" it becomes 49-60 Celcius, but that time i get TDR and desktop activity extemely slows down/then crashes boom!. The setting is also mentioned here:


Applying the setting above seem to have fixed random TDRs completely with stable desktop environment, BUT i get almost 15 Celcius more which makes me surrender about my GPUs and notebooks life/health just because of being forced to use "Maximum Performance" setting due to problematic power management design of Nvidia drivers. Because i never ever was forced to use that setting prior to 3xx.xx driver series that prooves something has really been changed "badly" about power management by Nvidia. Switching back to drivers before 3xx.xx series fixes the issue but that time i'm not able to play latest 3D games/and not able to benefit from improvements etc. Got the point? So I "WAS" a Nvidia fan before having this silly contadiction. Shortly the issue is getting 15 celcius hotter hardware for the sake of having stable environment. Really i'm "Between the rock and the hard place"...

So, any recommendation/advice is greatly appreciated to lead me to do correct action...

Cheers and thanks a lot!

Note: I get NO TDR during intensive 3D gaming (because of using 3D clocks in games) and all the hardware has been tested by authorized service and passed OK.

07-22-2013, 10:22 PM
Sorry, these ideas may not help, but thought I would run them by you anyway. Hopefully someone has better ideas.

1. If this makes sense, run the unit on battery power when possible to reduce performance and temperatures, but you'll probably end up shortening your battery life.
Don't think this will help, but try changing your Power4 Gear settings to see if there is any difference.

2. These probably will not work any better, but the ASUS unapproved vga download site here (http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&p=3&s=111&m=VGA&os=&hashedid=n%2fa) has newer unapproved 3xx.xx VGA drivers you can try too.
Not sure if they will install and how well they will work for your notebook though.