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07-21-2013, 02:29 AM
I got my G750jw recently and I've been loving it, I'm having a problem today though with increasing frequency where the screen will get strangely pixelated (weird colours and small squares appear) and the system then either hangs or reboots.

As far as I can tell it doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing, although a few times it definitely occurred while opening new tabs in Explorer. Not every time though, at least one it happened while I wasn't touching it and a game was running without input.

Has anyone had this problem/does anyone have any recommendations? System has been otherwise stable and great.

I'm going to try to see if there is a driver update for the video card to see if that will fix it.

Sorry if there are typos, trying to type and post fast in case it happens again.

Edit - - I'm updating from my old computer, and I'm attaching a screenshot to show what I'm talking about (this one happened as soon as it rebooted and before I could do anything other than log in). Sometimes the whole screen gets pixelated, sometimes it's just parts of it as seen here. I'm nervous to update the display drivers because I tried downloading them from Nvidia's website and it happened mid-download which made me think: what if it happens mid install?

I did move the OS to an SSD the day I got it, does anyone who knows more about this stuff think maybe I should use the Asus Backtracker flash drive I made then to re-install the operating system?

I have been playing games ALL day with it, but it doesn't feel hot to the touch anywhere.


07-21-2013, 04:17 AM
Update 2

- Frequency continues to increase
- Windows now providing error: "Driver Verifier Detected Violation"
- Can't get at the log to see which driver because system is too unstable; assuming video because the screen goes funny.
- Tried "refreshing" Windows through Windows repair screen
- Seemed to work until I booted back into Windows, then had the same problem immediately
- Currently using Asus Backtracker to reformat machine; will advise on success or failure
- Plan to update Nvidia drivers with newly released ones first thing if Backtracker works - just in case.

Update 3
- Didn't work. Can't even get past the Choose Language screen before the pixels appear and the machine freezes.

Suggestions? Anyone know anything I should try before I have to either return it to the store or RMA? I'd really rather not have to do either if I can avoid it.

07-21-2013, 05:20 AM
This looks liek Video RAM error.

Provided you have stock frequencies on GPU and video RAM - Im afraid your unit will have to go to repair shop.

07-21-2013, 11:22 AM
Thanks, Paske

It's a new day so I restarted the thing again and it seems to be working normally now. I updated the video drivers using the Clean Install option. I'm going to use it today as I did yesterday for some all-day gaming with my fingers crossed. If it happens again today, I guess I'll know for sure it's a hardware issue.

I keep coming back to heat since the only difference between last night and this morning is it was sitting unused, but it wasn't hot to the touch yesterday so I really don't know. I'm coming from a Mac Book Pro that is too hot to put on your lap when it's idleing so I kept checking it for heat issues on this machine all day whilst gaming.

Oh well - Thank you for your reply; I hope I don't have to take the advice at this point, but I'm prepared to should the issue repeat itself.

-- Should it come to that: do you all in the community recommend trying to get an exchange through the seller (Amazon) or going straight to RMA? --

-- Edit -- Update 5 --

Well, looks like it's FUBAR. Started happening again after a couple hours of up-time. No games were played as all I got around to doing was installing Steam and one game before it began.

With the new drivers it was a much more graceful error - instead of rebooting or hanging indefinitely it would go pixely then hang for a few seconds before coming back. once it comes back there's a message in the alert center that says the Nvidia drivers failed but were recovered.

It's still unusable though because after it happened once it began happening more and more frequently until about 20 minutes later it was happening every few seconds.

I'm going to reach out to Amazon now about getting a replacement. If anyone comes up with a better idea, I'll hold off and try that instead. I'm assuming that since I have lots of views and only one comment this isn't a common problem, so hopefully a new machine will be right as rain and not bring any new troubles to the mix...

07-21-2013, 02:02 PM
I just spoke to Amazon.com - they have advised that this product is under review due to them having had a lot of calls/returns on it; they therefore will not ship out a replacement but have instead offered a full refund.

Here's the text from the product page:

"Item Under Review

While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by Amazon.com because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

We're working to fix the problem as quickly as possible."

I contacted Asus support to see if they would do a clean exchange but unfortunately RMA is the only option. I was looking forward to using this machine during an extended amount of free time I have coming up over the next couple weeks and the idea of not having it for the first half of that doesn't strike me too well. I may just get the refund and then buy another one somewhere else - although if Amazon's stock is bad it makes me wonder about others too.

I know I haven't gotten a lot of responses here, but I would love to hear from those of you who aren't having problems at this point. I really liked the look/feel of this laptop and I'm partial to the heavy-duty cooling. I also like that it's upgradeable in terms of adding the SSD. I've set up my return through Amazon - someone should be by tomorrow to pick it up - and I'd like to order another one (maybe even upgrade to the JX) after that process is complete.

I want to be convinced, but considering Amazon has pulled their stock, I'm a little hesitant with sticking with this brand (this is my first Asus computer) and just going to another retailer. I understand that most folks on this type of forum are here because they have an issue, so most of the threads are regarding problems not success stories; so has anyone ordered from another retailer (I'm looking at Xotic PC right now) and gotten a stable unit they are pleased with after more than a week?