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07-21-2013, 10:15 PM
To the potential sponsor this could be a great and beneficial opportunity for both parties involved:

My name is Norma Quinones, I am a representative of L3gendary Gaming an up coming Pro Gaming Team and I am also a member. L3gendary Gaming is a professional competitive and motivated team whose goal is to inspire many within the video gaming community, to also become better, well recognized, respected, and to attend professional gaming events that could win them money. You must be asking yourself why sponsor a Pro Gaming Team and why L3gendary Gaming??

According to data released by The NPD Group, a global market research company, the video game industry posted strong sales in 2012, generating nearly $21 billion in revenue. Sales of game software and content, including games made for consoles, portable gaming devices and PCs, as well as digital games, downloadable content and social games, accounted for approximately $14.8 billion of that total. The most popular video game genre in 2012 was "Action," which accounted for 22.3 percent of all games sold, while "Role-Playing" was the most popular computer game genre, accounting for nearly 28 percent of all games sold.

If you don't already know the gaming industry which involves Major League Gaming, involves the Call of Duty Series as well as many other big titled X-Box Games. Soon to be released is Call of Duty: Ghosts. The MLG industry focuses on hosting several if not many tournaments between different organizations, groups, or clans. You as a business would have the opportunity to have the team advertise within the video gaming community which is continuously and immensely growing. Now how this would work is the team would advertise you through T-Shirts, Team Jerseys, and any other products that which you may have. All these things would have your design or logo on them as they play in tournaments, live stream, or by other means. You will basically gain FREE advertisement. Now your asking whats the catch? The catch is we need your sponsorship of your company to lead them and back them up to the Major League Competitions. Meaning that you would be asked to help pay for some travel expenses or Team Passes which enable them to participate in said events. Your company would be involved in this highly popular gaming community which is growing immensely. Which would also gain in sales and marketing by us advertising you everywhere on everything! So come and be involved in this high intense, new edge, community and you will be remembered in a new way.

07-21-2013, 10:18 PM
Please see below.

Thank you for thinking of ASUS and ROG.

The ROG site and forums are regularly inundated with sponsorship requests, but this portal does not make decisions in regards to sponsorship. This is entirely done regionally, depending on our regional teams promotional activities and budgets. They can be contacted via ASUS <country> Facebook pages.

As such, ROG forums no longer replies to sponsorship requests directly as it has previously been assumed we can 'encourage' or provide an intermediary between sponsor requests and our regional teams, which is not the case sorry.

A suggestion from myself: To better your chance of interest from ASUS (or any company), I strongly suggest you investigate its activities in the region you are pitching too, and then tailor your message accordingly. Copy and pasting the same text to every business usually gets ignored straight out. Real data about exposure, hits, demographic and what you offer to the brand clearly and precisely is absolutely required to gain interest.

Good luck out there!