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08-16-2011, 06:19 PM
SIDENOTE: This has no relevance of any issues regarding any G-series notebooks.

January 17th 2011 I move in with my fiance, after a short discussion we both agreed that a desktop PC looks clumsy and there's alot of cords eeeverywhere. So I decided to get a laptop, but i'm a hardcore gamer so I didn't want some acer **** or dell or whatever **** brands are out there. I wanted a fuken ASUS. I google around, found this beast, the G73JW with an i5 CPU.

January 18th 2011 I got a fat bonus from work, the company i'm employed at had some nice profits 2010 and therefor I felt like spending some of my proceeds.
I enter a webshop of a fairly known company. They sold the G73JW.

The specifics on it were with 1333 mhz memory, along with a 1920x1080 resolution FULL HD screen.

What I got, 1066 memory with a 1600x900 screen (found out later that this computer was the "light" edition according to ASUS swedish support, and therefor not equipped with the full hd 1920x1080)

If you have read this long, you might think i'm retarded as fukk for not seeing this. I can however atleast TRY to defend myself by saying. I didn't really think I had to investigate this company by checking every specifics. It ran good, wasnt used to 17.3 inch screen therefor the resolution looked optimal.

- "Why didn't you rightclick and see the resolution?"

I thought I knew what I bought and i'm not a guy that really right click to check the info about everything. I buy, I expect it to be right, else I get pissed.

So anyways to continue this lovely story...

I call ASUS Support once more to doublecheck if they were mistaken (by now I had the specs infront of me VIA their homepage) but just to make tripplesure. They ofcourse said they were sure, and they told me to call the company that sold me this computer. I did.

I'm gonna quote this arrogant CEO by the letters.

Me: Hi there, my name is xxx, I'm calling you today regarding an issue about a computer i bought january 18th.

... I keep talking, explaining the issue. Now it's his time to talk

Arrogant CEO v.1: That can't be true. We get the specifications directly from ASUS and if they are faulty it's ASUS's fault.

He told me he'd call me back after he called "ASUS SELLING SECTION" ? .
I waited, he called me back. Claiming he juuust spoke to a seller at this "section". Seller told him the specifications are correct.

What this fukker doesn't know is that I have the support fella on the landline waiting for me while i'm talking to this guy. So I tell the CEO to wait while I discuss with the support fella. Support guy tells me that they don't have a "direct" line to a damn "seller" section. What the CEO called was probably HIS distributor and not a direct call to ASUS.

Aaaaaaanyways. I tell him to call the support fella and speak directly to him. So I made a conference call on my iphone, but he declined the call.

So anyways. I am clueless of what to do, according to swedish laws the return policy passes after 30 days. And ASUS ain't claiming responsibilty (duh It's not their fault).
But this guy, Don't know what to do..

Any suggestions?

Regards, Korre!


Hey, it's the new memory... 1333 gigahertz guys..

08-16-2011, 07:18 PM
It sounds like they sold it to you claiming that the resolution is 1920x1080. Since that is obviously false advertising. I would look into what sort of consumer protection laws you have in your country. Unfortunately you may run into a statute of limitations issue there too, but at least you might have a better chance than the seller's own policy.

Might I interject though, that if you are playing games and not watching a lot of 1080P content the 1600x900 screen might actually be better. The reason I say this is that you can run games at the native resolution and the GPU will not have to push as many pixels. This will potentially allow you to turn the graphic quality higher or get more FPS at the same settings. Up to you of course and if you want to watch 1080P without any scaling that would not be possible without an external display.

As to the memory, do you know what CPU is in the machine? If the CPU supports 1333 then you could buy new memory and just replace it. Obviously you don't want to pay out of pocket but it sounds like the seller is not going to do anything. The cost of the memory would be less than retaining legal counsel to take them to court (assuming you can still file a consumer protection issue).

08-16-2011, 07:26 PM
Hi there buddy!

It's the Core i5 460M version

According to the various stuff on the internet it's not compatible up to 1333mhz.

The legal counsel it's all fine. My fiance is a lawyer and shes a pretty feisty one. Infact tomorrow she's going to contact this company. And I feel like recording the conversation hardcore and subtitle that **** :)

Money for me isn't a problem, not saying i'm a multimillionaire but I can afford putting out cash for memories if that's the case.

08-16-2011, 07:31 PM
Well, good luck! :) If they sold it to you for the price of the more expensive one then I'd say at the very least you should get a refund for the difference. Feel free to keep us updated as we love a good story here.

08-19-2011, 07:52 PM
Time for an update!

I now have contacted a friend of mine who had a lawyer buddy. I asked him to call the CEO of this company.
A couple of minutes after I asked for this favour, my cellphone rang it's beauty tones. I pick up. Nonetheless, the CEO's beautiful voice echoes in my ears.

So now i'm getting myself a G73SW model instead, with the i7 2630qm.


Sidenote: If you get screwed it pays up if you harass the **** out of them from 9 in the morning til they close their doors for the day!

08-19-2011, 08:10 PM
LOL! Glad it worked out for you. And I will definitely double check specs on new machines in the future. I've helped a couple of friends buy some but I didn't think to have them compare the specs against the description.