View Full Version : G71GX FPS drop when playing DOTA Warcraft III,, HELP ME!!!

07-24-2013, 02:01 PM
hi guys,
im newbie here but i have a problem with my G71GX RX 05 (Best buy).
the problem is when i playing Dota (not Dota 2 or WOW), my FPS drops randomly (from 60 to <10).
i thought the problem came from Nvidia driver or BIOS version or heat or from RAMs. Those things are good, no problem.
i tried so many suggestions from any forums, but i got nothing and the problem keep still and persist.

as you all know, Warcraft III (Dota) is a piece-of-cake game, not harder from BF3 of any newer games.

so the question is, how to make my FPS stable and not drop randomly???

Please help me, im dying by this problem.