View Full Version : G55 - questions

07-26-2013, 08:44 AM
Good day,
I'd like to buy G55 and have few questions:
1. In our country (Czech Republic) is availible only version with i5 3230M (code number G55VW-S1239H). However I can buy laptop with i7 3630M from Sweden (code number G55VW-S1177H) or Slovakia (code number G55VW-S1205H). Honestly I'm not expert on processors so I'd like to know how big is gaming performance between i5 3230M and i7 3630M?

2. One version with i7 )S1205H) have built-in SSD drive (128GB + 750GB 7200rpm normal drive) and second one doesn't (only 750GB 7200rpm). Searched over internet and I can't find any info about that SSD drive. Does anyone know P/N or manufacturer so I can see some benchmarks? Because if that SSD drive is crappy I'll buy version without SSD and put in SSD from Crucial (well I have to send it into ASUS service because on videos it seems kinda complicatedbut I'm willing to pay more instead of having crap SSD inside).

Thanks a lot for feedback!