View Full Version : Headphone out, loud hiss and extreme volume.

07-29-2013, 10:06 AM

I get a very noticable background hiss when using headphones and anything above 15% volume is painfully loud.
One click on fn+volume up puts it to 12% from mute.

I use low impendance iems (sennheiser ie 80) and it seems to me the internal amps gain is set for about 300 ohm headphones but i cant find a way to configure it properly.

Ive tried several realtek drivers and the hiss is always there, and no options except equalizers for spatial effects.

Id like to clarify that this is not interferance from other components like the cpu working but a constant loud hiss that doesnt change regardless of activity, almost like white noise from old tv sets.

Any Ideas? Or is the use of low impendance headphones out of the question? Perhaps there is a way to bypass the amp portion entirely so the headphone jack would work like any other computers?

Im really disappointed since the advertised "awesome headphone amp" was a big part in my decision to buy this laptop and ASUS have made some of the best audio equipment for pcs on the market.