View Full Version : G75VX won't boot

07-29-2013, 11:45 AM
Hi guys,

My wife was using our G75VX for the past 6 months with not a single problem and all of a sudden when she tried to boot the laptop tonight it will not turn on.

When you press the power button the lights come on at the front with the HDD light constantly flashing but absolutely nothing on screen, looks like the screen isn't even powered, and the left side fan spins at maximum and stays like that until I either plug the power out or hold the power button down to force turn off.

I've tried a variety of things:

1. swap out the 2 HDDs in the laptop (taking one out, leaving the other in and vice versa and taking both out)
2. swapping the 2 removable memory modules (taking one out leaving the other and vice versa and taking both out)

None of these did anything. Funnier thing is if I take even just one of the memory modules out the thing won't even power on, the power button will light up for 2 seconds and then it just dies, almost like it has no battery left (even though it is using the power supply).

So both memory modules have to be in for it to even stay powered, which I thought was weird as this laptop has 32GB memory and each of the 2 removable modules have 8GB each, so there should be another 16GB even if both are taken out.

I am perplexed at the problem and will be taking this back to the retailer asap, but I thought I'd see if anyone has had any similar issues before?