View Full Version : Another victim of the Black Screen of Death on boot

08-01-2013, 12:37 PM
I just received a G75VW-NS71 with Win7 HP, 500GB HDD, 12GB RAM.

After spending 2 days downloading 150GB of content from Steam to my D: partition, I shut down my computer (after 71 Windows updates...) When I powered it back on, it booted to a black screen. After a few minutes, it prompted a boot error with directions to insert a Windows recovery disc and repair. I assumed this was just a problem with the MBR.

I inserted a recovery disc and it loaded the files. After the files loaded, it hung on the Windows logo (of the recovery disc, not boot OS) for several minutes then switched to a black screen with a white cursor.

I shut it down and attempted to boot from a Linux disc. It just got hung on the Ubuntu logo.

I shut it down and pressed F9 at boot but nothing happened.

It sounds like my only option is RMA and another 2 days of downloading my Steam content but I figured I would see if anyone had further suggestions. I found multiple posts on the forum for this issue but they all seem to rely on being able to boot from disc for recovery.