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08-18-2011, 05:16 PM
hi everyone, my first post here :)

I was actually directed by the official AsusTek forum to post my issue here, so here goes...

My hardware: Asus K52F-BBR9 notebook

my situation deals with a replacement battery I purchased (from what appears to be a reputable dealer- battery1inc.com via Amazon)

heres a summary of my experience since receiving the replacement battery:

- Like the battery contents instructed- I charged the new battery (while connected to my shutdown laptop) for 10hrs.

- Although the battery indicator on the laptop never turned green, I followed the instructions verbatim and unplugged the ac adapter at the 10hr mark

- I turned the laptop on

- Issue #1 - the battery indicator in the system tray showed the battery at "unknown remaining"

- regardless, I used the laptop and left it on in order to completely drain the battery in order to do a full recharge again

- Issue #2 - after about an hour or so, intermittently the laptop would shut down (im assuming the battery had no more juice)

- I shutdown the laptop, and connected the ac adapter again to charge

- Issue #3 - rather than the solid amber glow of the batter indicator (to indicate chargings), the light was flashing

- I let the battery charge overnight (so I thought)

- Issue #4 - the next morning, after unplugging the laptop from the charger, the laptop did not turn on

- I connected the charger again to turn on the laptop to see what was going on

- Issue #5 - once on, the battery indicator displayed 'battery not found' (although it was perfectly attached)

- After several minutes of troubleshooting (and being frustrated), I attached the original stock battery for the laptop

- it works fine- shows accurate remaining charge, works while not connected to the charger, etc

- I detach the stock battery, and reattach the replacement battery

- without turning on the laptop, i connect the charger again

- the battery indicator on the laptop now displays a solid amber light this time (im assuming its charging now, so Ill check it after another several hours)

so my questions here are- is this mainly an issue with the battery? is there anything I can do from a configuration standpoint in Windows 7? any suggestions on what to do (try) next?

Please advise.

Many thanks in advance!

08-18-2011, 05:57 PM
Sounds like the control board for the battery may be flaky. These batteries aren't just dumb chemical mixes anymore. Anyway, I think you are doing it right. Keep an eye on it after this attempt. The good news is that sometimes these issues just go away after the first cycle. If it doesn't charge or otherwise acts oddly I'd get right on a return. Even reputable sellers will sometimes get bad batteries and if they are reputable as you believe then they should have no problem exchanging it for you.

08-18-2011, 06:39 PM
much thanks. definitely appreciate your feedback.