View Full Version : Event 41 Kernel-Power at BOOT UP only.

08-02-2013, 04:28 AM
I am using ASUS G750JX

Do note the technician installed a 480gb crucial SSD for me and I am using it as my Windows 8 OS and another 750gb HDD as my secondary drive. The technical guy also installed additional 8 ram for me so I have 16gb ram in total.

Occasionally when I boot up my system, I will end up in a blue screen that looks like this.


I ran "eventvwr" and got this "Event 41 Kernel-Power" in my critical log. This comes up in the log every single time I encounter the error at boot up.

It occasionally occurs but I will always successfully boot normally in my second attempt after enabling crucial SSD as my #1 boot option from the recovery screen that look like this.


What is causing this? I have ran chkdsk and driver verifier. Nothing.

Could it be that the technician installed poorly my computer? But it doesn't make sense, if he did, I probably wouldn't be able even run it at all could I? I have been gaming with no problems thus far. Except for this occasional error at boot up.