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08-05-2013, 02:05 AM
Hi guys. I was curious how many users here, as well ROG employee/resellers would want ASUS to re-design the G-Series? it can be from Design, Thermal cooling perhaps or even everything from scratch.

Just post a small paragraph of what YOU think they should implement, from :

* Design case
*Thermal Cooling design
*Specs ( GPU, CPU, sound card )
*new tech to be implemented in motherboard
* new ideas you would like them to put.

Now of course, this thread could perhaps not even be seen by ASUS, but with the right amount of views and post replies..you never know :)

*Design case: honestly the Stealth design is unique at it's kind, but they should switch from the whole "stealth" military to exotic cars imo :p or anything with exotic looks.

*Thermal Cooling design: as we know, it's been 4 years they kept the same concept, which is ideal and still good. although innovation shouldn't stop here. the new Dual fan in each side as they done on the upcoming G750 with the 780M seems and looks ideal. they should introduce this to lower spec also. hopefully with less bulky design increase though. smaller fan design. oh and I would like to see an introduction of Water cooling. yes this sounds a bit off but on a laptop it may not work. but we are talking about ASUS G-series here, with the right design and premium protection build, this can be done.

*Spec : well beside the CPU / GPU refresh upgrades every year for every model, they should introduce their ASUS sound card into laptops. they can do it, but for an increase of price, I wouldn't mind.
let's not forget their screens. I believe that their current screen they implemented on the G75 series and G750 were fine, but lack of contrast big time. they should just stick with the AUO brand. V4 maybe v7 models. they are known to be upgraded on all laptops that users do it themselves.

*new tech: well they need to introduce a unique safe BIOS overclocking and tweaking. honestly G-series need some love in tweaking, since we can't upgrade certain parts already.

*new ideas: well think of this way. if they can introduce a redesign of the Thermal cooling, and the way they implement the gear inside the case. I am sure they can introduce even more new tech. right now the g750 is slim, but still yet have a lot of room for other improvement (such as bigger thermals, fans..etc)

08-05-2013, 06:06 AM
It should work.

Screens should not have horizontal black lines.

Less random DOA motherboards.

No headphone buzz.

Keyboard Backlights should work.

No USB stepping bugs.

Just aim to properly assemble their computers.

Also, they need to train their RMA technicians at Markham, Ontario. Those guys are totally clueless it seems.

08-05-2013, 09:32 AM
For me it's:

Sound: Asus have really awesome audio modules I'm just surprised why they can't implement that on the G series.

Cam: Come on how easy is to just drop in a good camera sensor in there? like really is that hard?

Screen: could be better as Asus builds one of the best screens in the monitor category.

Design is perfect of course thats my opinion i don't like flashy things stealth is my way to go but then again thats a personal preference.

Cooling is the best and everyone can agree on that, if they tweak they will not have the slim factor anymore and a laptop should be portable so no way to change anything without compromising the slick design . ( look at Razer they have very slim laptops but not as fast as Asus ROG, Other brands like MSI, Alienware etc. they cant even come close to the slim design that Asus has specially if they want to offer all the I/O's and other additional tech)

Keyboard and trackpad is ok so no comments on that.

IO's are serving me well but again some need more, others don't so again its about finding out what the majority is using which drives me to open the next point.

i'm sure Asus can do an analysis and find out what the percentage of the users on their G series who are tech savvy, for me i wouldn't mind tweaking or upgrading my laptop as i have some experience in that but i'm sure also that there is a big percentage that don't know and i think thats why Asus is moving away from the idea to give u access to tweak and upgrade ur machine by urself and also it will open a new challenge in the After service area. So i don't think we will see any changes in that area.