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08-05-2013, 09:41 AM
Howdy folks, new around these parts :P

This is my first gaming computer, been playing on Sony consoles since the release of PS1, however now I'm a little bored by console games as they just don't seem to cut it any more, so decided to upgrade from my N55SF to a new G750JW and I must say I'm much more impressed than I thought I would be.

Coming from the N55SF I had a GT555M Nvidia card that I thought was the bees knees at the time, which after reading around isn't particularly amazing for gaming despite doing well with my age old Sims 3 and more recently Skyrim on lower settings. I was quite worried about upgrading and had looked at the later N series to find the graphics cards weren't all that much better than what I had currently, with just the Haswell CPU's being the upgrade (I was on Sandy Bridge with my N55SF) but I really didn't want to loose the sound quality of the Bang & Olufsen speakers, as to get my G750 I'd have to part with it and the speaker quality on the old girl was top notch.

So I did some looking around and have always liked the look of the Alienware so went there first, and then realised dear me this is a little over priced. So I thought well I'll just slap an SSD into my current computer and put up with being boiled to death and medium settings, until on Facebook the same day, up popped what looked to be the best looking laptop I have ever seen, and it just so happened to be the G750. So I thought to myself, 'Ha, bet it's like 2 grand...' when to my surprise I could get one for under 1,000 so I contacted a few companies and none had it, but I wasn't to be put off! I eventually decided that the twin 500GB hard drive option was the best for my money, including spare money to purchase an SSD, recovery media from ASUS and keep my N55SF for a music player.

As I only do light gaming, I felt no real need to go for the GTX770 laptop, as the GTX765 seemed like it'd do the job just fine to me, not a big modder and not a huge gamer on computers, just like my select few games that keep me busy between my work :P

Unfortunately my first unit was faulty, has lots of red dots and lines all over the screen (also had to replace my first N55SF, everyone I've spoken too seems shocked an ASUS was faulty, never mind 2 of them), but not to be put off I had some cracking customer service from both ASUS and the company I purchased the laptop from and a few days later my new shiny (or matte) laptop was here!

So, what are my impressions thus far?

Well, the laptop is gorgeous to say the least, I love the full brushed aluminium keyboard which seems to do a good job of keeping my hands cold, and the feel of it is of a wonderful quality. All they keys feel nice too and they're a joy to type on. The only thing I'm needing to get used to is the track pad, it's much more sensitive than my previous laptop and slightly further left on the unit. The design of the thing is a beast, it looks fantastic from every angle and in person is definitely the best looking laptop I have seen (the G series in general are very good looking machines). I'm not keen on Windows 8 however, but slowly getting used to it. As for games I couldn't tell you, all I've done so far is about 20 minutes on RuneScape (don't judge me -.-) as I've been mad busy with University bits. I'll update once Skyrim is up and running!

I have a few questions however about upgrades;
- Is it possible to put a BluRay drive into the laptop, as I miss this from the N55SF?
- What RAM goes in the beast? Heard 1.5V ones making toast of Haswell CPU's, ideally I just want the same units as what are in the machine already (Hynix ones I believe?)
- I've partitioned my SSD into 3 for OS, Data and Recovery, will these still be there once I plug in my disk from ASUS (when it finally arrives)?
- Anyone know where to get a Cooler Master Storm SF-19 from in the UK? I'd like a new pad for keeping at home for the new machine, and it looks pretty :P currently got a Cooler Master U3 at the moment with 2 hard drives strapped to it as well which works nicely, but it's my portable cooler.

Thanks for your time guys, hope this wasn't too painful to read :P