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08-06-2013, 05:15 PM
The longer the more I discover a problem with switching the display output. This should work automatically to a certain degree.

".... The G750 is indeed a notebook with a built-in display and various connectors for external display outputs. A notebook is a mobile device and should be easily cope with other situations. This is just a reminder to the fool at Asus who decide to deactivate the Intel HD and Optimus functionality in the G750 .... "

In the following situations I discover problems:

1. The notebook is turned off and connected via HDMI to a projector (which is off as well)
2. I turn on the G750, but leave the screen lid closed.
3. Now I start the projector.
4. By now the G750 should recognize the projector as the only active display output and activate it.

Unfortunately that's not gonna work - the projector stays black. Now I switch the through the external display connection with Fn-Key or Windows+P. This is not working as well the projector stays black. Only a reboot of the G750 brings the projector to life. This is bad!

5. I choose the projector as a single image output. The internal display is now disabled.
6. I make myself comfortable in front of the projector until the evening ends and I turn off the G750 and the projector (without further config changes)

Next day:

1. This time I have the G750 with me in the office or on the train.
2. I open display and turn on the notebook, but unfortunately, the screen stays black
3. I turn it on and off again and again (like on IT crowd) , the screen stays black
4. I press the Fn-Key+ and Windows-Key+P but nothing seems working.
5. After a while still on black screen the Windows Recovery Assistant comes up. I cancel this and NOW……
6. …. finally the G750 boots with the activated internal display

Bad! Very very bad. This should definitely not be this way. The internal display should always have priority, e.g. if no other display output is found the notebook display should be activated!

I suspect the problem with the dedicated Nvidia card and the disabled Intel HD / Optimus function. I have been using now for more then 10 years different notebooks (PB, MBP, Thinkpad, Alienware …..) and never seen a notebook so *****y about the display output selection and switching.

Also very annoying is the fact that each restart the Nvidia settings (gamma, etc.) are lost. I have to switch them off and on again (as again in IT Crowd) to get it working again (same in 311.x and 326.x beta). Very annoying!

What about you guys and gals? Do you have similar problems or the same?

Thanks and cheers

08-06-2013, 06:55 PM
I havnt gotten around to playing with other display options but I will be using this laptop as the main hub for my tv needs in a week or two. Ill try what I need to work in a few days.

Regards Derpcules