View Full Version : ASUS K53 SJ Grey Screen but HDMI works

08-09-2013, 08:49 AM
Recently my wife had an issue with the DC jack on here ASUS. So with Ninja skills and the deft use of my trusty soldering iron I managed to unsolder and replace the DC jack. ********************* It works ****************

Seriously I surprised myself and saved myself hundreds; however I have another problem. On power, the screen comes on grey like its about to start and that is all. I can change the brightness with Fn F5 and F6 and if I connect it to a HDMI cable, windows is there.

So I went back over my work and unscrewed the 50 million screws and checked, disconnected and re-connected the video connector to the mobo and all seems ok, put it was to no avail.

Did I damage the mobo??

08-10-2013, 12:07 AM
Sorry, I'm not familiar with the K53Sj model, but for general troubleshooting, I would suggest re-checking your LCD connections if possible to make sure everything is plugged in as it should be which you may have already tried already.

1. If you take apart the system again, try testing the LCD before you completely re-assemble everything, but make sure you don't have anything shorting out your motherboard, and your cooling is working okay if you try to test the system in a partially disassembled state.
You may also want to inspect your DC jack repair as well as the rest of the motherboard for any loose or inadvertent soldering that may have occurred at the same time.

2. If you don't feel comfortable testing the system in a partially disasembled state and are not sure that you can safely do this, try to make sure you don't see anything shorting out as you re-assemble the unit again.

3. If necessary, consider contacting your local ASUS service center to have them check your unit.

Good luck!