View Full Version : Gsx74 cannot boot to windows

08-09-2013, 04:29 PM
Hey i have a GSX74 and a couple days ago my laptop will not boot up. Windows 7 trys to repair and recover but fails. When it does attempt to boot to C drive it says the controller cannot see the drive. Went into dos and did a find disk and could see the D drive but no C... took drive out and could usb connect to my other laptop and was able to read the drive....OK.. took apart and checked for loose cable . The drive bay has 2 drives the left drive is D. The ribbon connected drive is the main C drive. the connector looks ok but was flattened 45 degs. to fit. Think this may be the problem. any ideas???

08-09-2013, 05:21 PM
The bent cable is normal but you could try taking the data drive out and putting the system drive in there. That would eliminate the cable and the port as potential causes.

It's possible that the drive is on it's way out though. Sometimes they work intermittently before failing entirely so the fact that it worked in the other machine doesn't necessarily give it a clean bill of health. Also, if it's the boot sector of the drive then you weren't hitting the bad spot when you hooked it up as a slave in your other machine. Hopefully you have everything backed up that is important.