View Full Version : PSA to all recent new G75VX owners with stock Windows 8 pre-installed - Driver Issues

08-15-2013, 03:43 PM
Got this computer from New Egg - Refurbished.
Came with Stock Windows 8
Drivers were FUBAR even though Windows 8 promised me that the "Device is working properly", they most certainly were not.

This was me playing Warframe on stock windows 8 approved drivers.

Had Terrible Wifi Performance from the stock Broadcom Chip.
The 670MX was dropping FPS in games worse than my 2yr aged Laptop.
The Cores were sporadically going from 10% use to 80% use while the computer was completely idle.

I was told from the ASUS tech to go into device manager and check to see if all the drivers were up to date.
Ran the Windows driver utility and of course they all came back as "Most up to date" .
Finally when I was about to give up all hope and send this machine back; I came up to a post on here that recommended a program called "Driver Genius". I downloaded the program and ran the driver check. Listed that 12 of my drivers were not up to date.
These drivers were 2 from the Broadcom Adapter, 8 from the Intel Chipset, and the other 2 were from various other devices. Now I prob could have googled these individual drivers to save some money, but I went ahead and paid the $30 to have it download and install the drivers for me.

Now literally ALL of my issues are gone. I am getting full bandwidth from my WLAN and my cores are not going nuts.

Also go into device manager and make sure that "power down when not in use" button is not clicked in the device properties. To get to Device Manager use Windows + X key.

Driver Genius - http://www.driver-soft.com/

08-16-2013, 02:52 AM
why i can not download i thinks website, is it needing log in?