View Full Version : G75VW randomly shutting down? GPU Fan Control issue??

08-16-2013, 03:33 PM
Greets all,

I have a G75VW for over a year now. I upgraded the OS to Win 8 and it worked mostly perfectly. Had some issues with the usb ports that were resolved with the latest BIOS update and now until recently it worked pretty well.

After a month or two ago, I've been noticing that the laptop sometimes randomly shuts down immediately after start up, after entering to desktop. I thought of it as a rare occurance that didnt't bother me much since in the nest start up it worked just fine. Just to mention that I have been mostly using the laptop for work and only rarely used it for gaming, usually when I am on a trip to have something pass the time.

Now, I have also noticed that the system usually works just fine in Win8, however now when I start the game, it work ok for several minutes then shuts down. Now it started bothering me seriously. I've read the ROG forum and found several threads that seemed somewhat related. As suggested on those pages I removed from my system the Power4G and Asus Live Update but the issue did not resolve. I also disabled hibernation, the issue persists. After that i turned to possible overheating issue.

I installed the HWINFO64 and it showed that my idle temp of the CPU is 45-48C and GPU 48-54C. The CPU fans runs on 2000 RPM and the GPU fan between 2000 and 2500 RPM. I wanted to stress this and installed FURMARK.

In FURMARK, after my GPU reached 71C, the computer shut down. Nevertheless, the HWINFO64 showed increases in the GPU Fan RPM to 3000+ RPM. It didnt get much further due to shutdown. At the same time I heard the GPU fan (believe it is the right fan) becoming louder. Also to mention, I did clean the dust caps several months ago. I presume that the auto shutdown for GPU is set to 72C which seems to me a bit too low. In BIOS i cannot find any fan control options, at least I dont see them if they are there. During the test, HWINFO64 showed that CPU temperature rose to 50-55C and lingered there.

What can I do, any suggestion would be a great help since I would really like avoid turning the laptop in for repairs since I have all of my work related stuff on it. It would be a hell of a fuss for me to transfer all those files to another computer.

Greatly appreciated... :-)