View Full Version : Help with recovery on ASUS G750JX

08-16-2013, 05:24 PM
Hello ROG Forums,

I'm new here, I just bought my ASUS G750JX-RB71 last weekend, and I decided to put the spare SSD I had on my desktop into my new laptop to try and clone the boot off the 750 GB hard drive onto it, so I could run Windows off the SSD. I'm fairly computer literate, but I have never tried messing much with the OS on laptops before, so excuse my newbie mistakes in advance. So I downloaded ASUS Backtracker and made a Recovery image onto a 32 GB USB stick I had.

Well, I read in some other threads the only way to get a recovery USB to read was to turn off Secure Boot and enable Launch CSM. However, somewhere along the line, I seem to have messed up while trying to get the laptop to actually boot off the USB, and now the BIOS doesn't show ANY of the Hard drives as boot options, though still reads them as connected via SATA.

After some fighting, I've managed to get it to boot off the flash drive, but then it runs ASUS Backtracker and sounds like it's about to make a *new* recovery image, so I've been letting that run not knowing much else what to do... If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I just want to factory restore this thing at this point to default, if nothing else :\

The Backtracker seems to be stuck somewhere around 85% (judging from the green bar)
I have an actual Windows 8 disk around. Would popping that in and running the Repair do me better than continuing along this path?