View Full Version : Wanting to upgrade my G46VW's Processor

08-23-2013, 12:56 AM

I'm still new to this site obviously ha ha and i was wanting an opinion on upgrading my i5 3210m processor to a i7 3740qm

I've seen people use a 3820QM and this has the same wattage and all that im just wanting to know before i drop a few hundred dollars on something that might not work

My G46VW is COMPLETELY stock btw 8gb ram 660m gpu and i5 3210m processor

08-23-2013, 01:28 AM
If people are upgrading to the 3820QM, then the 3740QM should be just fine, though a tad slower. Just check on Intel's website to make sure that they use the same socket.

08-23-2013, 02:22 AM
Ya it does cool thanks and one other thing what esactly do i need to do/ to upgrade? Like anything extra that i need to huy b4 i try to do this

08-23-2013, 10:11 AM
I can't think of anything, provided that your CPU is socketed. Also, you will want to get new thermal grease, when you replace your CPU, the new CPU won't have any thermal grease on it.

08-24-2013, 08:21 PM
I've got a 3740QM installed on my G46VW. It runs fairly cool under load, doesn't make too much noise. It was my first time replacing the CPU in a laptop, took me an hour because I was being super cautious. Should be a fairly easy swap.

08-25-2013, 01:19 AM
@Totimoshi, +rep for the advice and information on the results of a CPU swap. OP, I would recommend that you do it, since it will help your performance somewhat. Key thing to make sure that you have is enough RAM, otherwise, you will run into issues with paging, which brings any computer to a halt. Oh, and make sure that you have an SSD, those are really nice from all I'm told.

08-25-2013, 01:46 AM
With the SSD and the Ram that I have this thing gets everything done instantly. With enough optimizations, I've gotten my boot time down to 7 seconds! And shutdowns are pretty much instant. I'm really glad I swapped out the CPU and did all the upgrades, and by doing it yourself you save a lot of money, just remember to be very cautious!

@Zygomorphic, thanks for the +rep :)

08-25-2013, 10:21 AM
Very true. I have a worse (but still fast) boot time under LINUX with a hybrid HDD and the same amount of RAM. If I were in the market for another drive now, I'd be getting a nice big SSD - at the time they were just way too expensive.